Rising Case of Covid19 Patients In My Hometown

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1 year ago

(I also posted this on noise.cash to spread awareness.)

I miss my brother. Wish he could come home when this pandemic is over. It's great nowadays that we have this technology to communicate faster with each other.

Right now, the cases of covid19 positive patients in our area have increased again. One town near us is on lockdown. The reason for the increased cases as per news was a gathering of relatives and friends on a funeral wake. One relative from a 2hr drive city had not been feeling well already but still went to the wake, and turned out he is positive with the covid19 virus.

So what's the lesson behind this?

Don't put your guard down especially when there are other people present. People are letting their guards down already and I think because of a gossip that have been spreading that the Covid19 pandemic is being used now as business. Maybe there are some who took advantage of the pandemic but not all. I have seen the efforts of the government and private sectors to combat the virus, to spread awareness, to support the people.

Also, don't downplay the virus. Not just this virus, any virus. It's just a basic prevention actually:

  1. Use face mask (and face shield) when talking with other people not a member of your household.

  2. Regularly wash your hands.

  3. Never forget to bring alcohol, and use alcohol after every time you touch something.

  4. Fist bump to greet friends or relatives (forget the 'beso-beso' for now).

  5. Don't go out if you are feeling under the weather (the virus finds a weakened immune system VERY FAST).

Let this be a way of life for everyone, and I am sure we can stop the spread of any virus that will try to wipeout mankind.

Keep safe, everyone!

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Haha we do the 'beso-beso' here too. But you're right, let's not let our guards down and do improve our immune systems. :)

Recalibrating mistakes, we all need to!

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1 year ago

Yeah, I sometimes forget not to 'beso-beso' with my cousins though. Haha. Thanks for reading 😊

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1 year ago