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2 years ago

The glint of her wedding ring

A reminder of a once faithful love shared

Days of happiness and contentment

Carried away by the waves of time

His eyes caught on his wedding ring while at work

He became still for a moment and thought,

"Does she love me still? My heart, my life.

She doesn't take notice of me anymore."

How did it come here they both wondered

Why the laughters are replaced by angry shoutings

The feeling of being safe now gone

What's left are feelings of resentment and disappointment

They're both like a stranger to each other now

Their arms once a familiar warmth to one another, now a barren, cold place

The eyes that stares at each other like as of from strangers

Their voices cold, their answers clipped and distant

Like clams they closed up on each other

As days become months and years, they began to hate the other

The home once filled with dreams of a family

Now shattered, quiet and very empty

So how did it start? Where did it start?

Was if the first miscarriage?

Was it the first anniversary forgotten?

Or was it the first time they slept in different rooms because of a disagreement?

She is tired, he seems nonchalant

She cries at nights for a love that is lost

He drinks himself to sleep and forget

Both of them stubborn and unmoving

The both of them the cause of an empty home

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