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A couple of days ago, I happened on Bmjc98's post "Fantasy Football League: Gameweek 24" which piqued my interest. I've always loved sports (especially soccer) and the premier league is my favorite in the world. So any chance at having fun doing something I like is always welcomed.

So knowing that the league is remaining 14 gameweeks to end and I have zero chance at winning anything in the Club1BCH organized fantasy league, I still wanted to take part in the fun. I inquired on how to join the fantasy league in the comments. And about an hour later, I received a reply from @PVMihalache

Check the older posts for the link

Without wasting time or replying to his reply, I scrolled up to the post's 'Topics' and I saw 'Fantasy Football League'

I tapped on it and luckily for me, I didn't have to scroll for long as there were just 7 articles within the topic. I didn't want to open several posting in search Of the link, so it was a no-brainer when I saw a post with the title "Join The Fun: Club1BCH's Fantasy Football League" and it did.

And viola! - the link was there. The post also linked to an article by Crackers from which I got more details about The League of Crypto. It was then I realized PVMihalache (the user who replied to my comment) is one of the organizers of the league.

Selecting My Squad

Selecting players with a budget of £100 wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. At first, I didn't consider the budget as I selected top players and my favorite players like Ronaldo, Salah, Son, etc. After selecting the 11th player (with 4 more to complete my squad) my budget balance was already running on a negative figure.

I had to remove most of the top and expensive players I selected and went for less expensive players who are in form and with high points within their various categories.

After so much reshuffling I settled for this squad, with £0.8 money remaining.


  • Aaron Ramsdale

  • Robert Sánchez


  • Trent Alexander-Arnold

  • João Cancelo

  • Andrew Robertson

  • Michael Keane

  • Conor Coady


  • Mohamed Salah

  • Bukayo Saka

  • Jarrod Bowen

  • Philippe Coutinho

  • Anthony Gordon


  • Emmanuel Dennis

  • Ollie Watkins

  • Armando Broja

Picking My Team

The next step after selecting 15 players to make up my squad was picking 11 players that will start for my team (Starting XI). I picked my team's starting xi based on players' current form and their opponent in the next game week fixtures.

My team is ready, next is selecting a captain which didn't take much deliberately as Salah is my favorite in the team and the top FPL player with the highest point. I thought of maximizing that by using the 'Triple Captain' chip. Picking a vice-captain didn't come as easy as selecting a captain. I have already changed my team's vice-captain five times before settling with Bowen.

My team is ready, now waiting patiently for the next fixture to score my first points with the boys.

Next Fixture

All my players except for Coady of Wolves, who is not in my starting IX will play on Saturday. So I look forward to my first point this season.

A Glance at the League Standing

Here is what the top and bottom of the league ranking table look like:

The only familiar name on there is @George_Dee, I've read a couple of his articles here. And that's me there at the bottom - not within the league ranking but alone in the 'New entries'.

Well, my goal now is to have fun and not up as the last on the ranking. The challenge now is to surpass the last-placed team 'GM TEAM'.

Good luck to me.

$ 4.38
$ 4.21 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.06 from @Alther
$ 0.05 from @George_Dee
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1 year ago


Wow, congratulations on joining the FPL and Club1BCH league. I had wanted to join too but since the season is almost ending, I opted against it and now I look forward to next season

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1 year ago

Well, it's never too late to join in the fun. Unless of course, you are focused on winning the prize 😁

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1 year ago

You have a nice squad, I couldn't continue with the fantasy at a point because of my academics and I have really suffered the consequences because my points since then was small. Nice to meet you

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1 year ago

Nice to see you too. Well, it's something we do at our leisure. So visit when you can, and leave the rest to luck 😄

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1 year ago