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My unexpected dream

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3 weeks ago

September 23, 2021

I am a boy from a very poor family. My family consists of my mother, father, my wife, and my two youngest children. My father is over 80 years old so my father can't do any work. That means I am the only employee of the family.

But sadly, I used to work in a private office but unfortunately, I became jobless. As a result, I have no job at the moment.

I am applying for a job in different offices with my higher education certificates and CV but I am not getting any assurance anywhere.

How is the family going now?

- My father has some land in the village house, I am getting some rice and curry from that land and the days are running out with them.

I can't meet all the needs of the family.

What to do at this moment! What to do! I'm very worried.

I was sitting in a tong shop in the city drinking tea. At that time I met a gentleman. He was about 55 years old. I have never seen him before.

Talked to him for 30 minutes. I learned a lot about this gentleman and he also knew about me, my family, and my current position.

This gentleman told me, "I'm looking for a doorman who is very much needed for my house. But at the moment I can't find him.

He asked me a lot and said, "If you think anything, you can do this job"?

I was a little insulted to hear this from the gentleman. Because I am a highly educated boy. I will do the work of the doorman!

But I also know that no work should be underestimated, all work should be respected. On the other hand, I can't find a job anywhere. All the members of my family are living in extreme hardship. I need a job right now.

I said to the gentleman, "How much will you pay per month?"

He replied, "No worries about it. I can make her happy enough."

The gentleman said to me again, “Do you have any idea about BCH?

I replied to him in surprise, "Yes there is. I have been involved in two platforms in my student life called and That's where my idea for BCH came from. I loved this crypto and still love it."

The gentleman happily replied to me, "I will pay you 0.05 BCH per month, do you agree?"

0.05 BCH per month! This is a huge amount! It was once my dream.

I happily replied to the gentleman, "Yes! I agree.

The gentleman explained his home address to me and asked me to join him the next day.

Suddenly a sound comes to my ears, "Babu ... Babu ... Babu! Hey, my son..."

I opened my eyes and saw my mother standing next to me.

Mom told me again, "It's been a long time! Get up now".

I lay there in silence for a while and kept thinking,

So long I was in the dream state! Why did my mother call me at this moment! Why was it a dream?

After waking up I couldn't believe it was a dream! I would have been happier if it hadn't been a dream come true!

Just think, how much I am addicted to bch! I also agreed to work as a doorman in exchange for Bch. I really love bch and would like to be associated with this bch till the moment before death.

I love my dream. I love BCH a lot.♥️

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Written by   3
3 weeks ago
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Lol this was funny, I really thought this was real:D

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3 weeks ago

Ha ha ha... 🤣 At first everyone think it was real. But last point was surprised 🤣

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3 weeks ago