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A Day With the Boys

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3 months ago
Topics: Life, Experiences

First of all, before I will start sharing my day with the boys, I would like to tell that I am refering to my father and younger brother. We suppose to go out together, with the whole family, but since mom change her work schedule, then it end up A Day With The Boys, instead of A Day With The Family.


8 am when I woke up, and do my usual morning routine before going out in my room. Then I do my breakfast, clean a bit and take a bath. After an hour my younger brother say goodbye as he need to go in their school earlier to get some documents. Actually my father is not in our house that time, so me and mom need to wait for him.

It was already 9:30 a.m when my father got home and finally we leave at 10 a.m.

As you can see there was no traffic and only few vehicles in the highway. Because of this pandemic, traveling and going to some establishment like mall, resort, restaurant, etc. was limit. So, if you are a beginner or still practicing driving it is your perfect time to go in highway. Just kidding! Still, we should secure our safety. And as long as there is no important matter to go out, then just stay at home. For newbies in driving, just practice in your area.

We first drop my mom in her work place, then we go to my grandma's house to wait for my younger brother.

Calumpang, General Santos City

This is my grandma's place, and I also have younger cousins here who likes to do swimming almost everyday. I also have two uncles who are fishermen living here. They even went to Indonesia for fishing, and everytime they come back home, always share us fishes.

Calumpang, General Santos City

My 12 year old cousin tell me a story that this area have sharks. I don't know if it is true, since children's imagination is so wide. Good thing was there is no shark attract issues that I heard here. My father and I spend our hours just talking to grandma, until my younger brother arrived and it's time for us to take a lunch.

Do you know what's our lunch?

Ofcourse a fish, a fried fish! But really it was so delicious especially with soy sauce added with many spices.

After our lunch, me, together the two boys go to the city, and went to our goal spot...


Round ball, General Santos City

Have you been in an ukay-ukayan? If not, this is the place where you can get affordable used clothes, and even sacks, belts and caps. If you are lucky and good in searching, you can get new and branded clothes. Yes, I even found clothes with price tag before.

My father and younger brother decided to pick clothes that they can use at home. Actually I don't like to go in this place with them because they are always in hurry. Yeah, I think it's a boy's matter to always in hurry everytime they went to a mall, grocery stores, and even like here in ukay-ukayan.

(other part)

After like half an hour, these two boys go near to me and asked,

Are you done? Let's go home

Like what!? Seriously? I am right they always like to be in hurry. So, I said I'm not yet done, and they give me more time. I finally picked mine and go to my dad. He was enjoying picking some clothes in a 10php(0.20$) . It's time for me to revenge. Lol!

"Are you done? Let's go home."

They look at me and said "wait". So I just let them enjoy.

It was already 4pm when we are done. We take some break and eat bananaque for our snacks.

We finally arrives at home, and so tired but happy on what we have bought. A total of 23 clothes, 2 jackets, a pair of sacks and one pantaloon for only 500+(10$+)

What's the next challenging work to do?

Is to wash all those clothes. So really goodluck to us!

And that is A Day With The Boys.


For boys, what's the feeling of being with the girls, in buying stuffs like this?

Also for girls, what's your experience being with boys while buying things that you want?

No matter what it is, I hope you guys enjoy it

But for me, I prefer to be with mom soon :D

Authors note:

How was your day everyone?

I Hope you are doing well, and to spend time to bond with your family. To become more stronger and happy. The family that stay together, eat together!:D

Sending hugs!

All the photos was taken by me, while lead image and last was edited using Canva and PicsArt.

August 10, 2021


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Written by Β Β 204
3 months ago
Topics: Life, Experiences
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It a good advice to go out with family, Maybe during the weekend, or two three times a in month. That will help to bring love to, and also make them unite as one big family..Is the hug for meπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‚

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3 months ago

It a good thing to go out with family, this help to create strong bond and live between them, and also make them unite as one big the Aug for me or ...πŸ˜‡

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3 months ago

Is nice and good to go out with family, it strengthen the bonds between them. Stop sending virtual hug plss,let it be realπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, just kidding.

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3 months ago

Lol! If it can lessen this pandemic, why not. But for sure it will not 😁

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3 months ago


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3 months ago