Regret of my life

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Hey readers

It's friday and weather is moderate bit sunny bit cloudy overall this weather give me a better Feeling. I'm sitting here on roof and i feel sad. Today i wanna share with you the most sadest part of my life. I feel empty sometimes as i think it's a part of life.

I think brother is a blessing of life. Just like five senses we are complete similarly have mother, father, sister and brother mame us complete.

I know God plan is better but still we have wishes as we need them and you know need can't be completed. If one need is complete than there's another.

So I'm gonna talking about a wish which never comes true and i have this wish since i was only 13 years old or you may say that i come aware from the world

I wish I have a brother

It's my that wish which really breaks me sometime or Maybe everytime.

Now some people make a joke of it and say to me that ask your Mom for having a brother. But we all know birth of a baby isn't control in my mother if it's in my Mom control than really I've alreast one brother. My Mom always want to have a boy obviously every perants want they have both daughter and son but unfortunately We've not.

Maybe there's something better as it's God planned for us but it hurts really. Why i hurt due to have no brother. There are following reasons

  • I missed the love of brother

  • There's a jealousy inside me

  • Need of having a brother

I missed the love of a brother

Everyone know that brother love her sister so much but condition is that he's your real brother. I wish i have a brother who love with me, fight with me and making fun with me.

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There's a jealousy inside me

When my cousins put a status on whatsapp with their brother picture and video and write a caption with lovely brother. Than i really wish that i have a brother too with whom i can also took craziest picture and video but Alas!!!!

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Need of having a brother

In every situation a sister always need her brother.

Need number 1

We live in Asia and here in our culture and region there's a trend that girl never go outside to home after sunset time means in dark a girl never leave the house. Than i wish I've a brother with whom i can go outside in dark too i never ask my father to go us outside in dark because he works all the day and being tired but i know we say frankly to brother to let us go outside.

Need number 2

Whenever i want to eat something in night almost after 10pm there's no one who can bring something for me to eat from outside nor i can say to anything. It's the biggest sadest part of my life Because I'm a nocturnal type person and i feel hungry when i wokeup at night. And listen the story from my friend that their brother bought something at night too after taking some tax hahaha i know it's all around in siblings.

Need number 3

When i talk to my Mom about my love that i want to marry with him. I wish I've a brother who supports me who take stand for me and said to Mom too that my sister choice never be bad. I know brother are always friendly and they can do everything for sisters.

Need number 4

There's no one at home to give company to perants when we all sister got married.

I'm the eldest sister and got married and i know once there a time when we all sisters got married and go to their homes with their hubby than there's no one at home who gives them company and who look after Mom and Dad.

We need perants in our childhood and they fulfill our needs

But our perants need us when they got old and what if there's on one from all of our sister when suddenly they need us.

Ever day

Every time

Every moment

I think i should have a brother. I don't want many more but atleast only one

I know life also passed without brother but there's much thing missing in our life and that's heart wrenching.

I know many more says you are lucky having no brother because they think brother only make them sad but trust me they don't know they have a Blessing of God.

Value of the thing knows who have not that thing. Otherwise who have things they don't know the value.

Note: ideas and words are mine but picture are from unsplash only the first and lead image is mine i edited it in

See you in next article. It's friday remember me in your prayers

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Some wishes are precious but cannot be fulfilled anyhow. Like this one. What to say? 🥺

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1 year ago

I understand that this can't be fulfilled but it's hurt than

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1 year ago

Ako po may brothers. Bale dalawang kuya at dalawang ate. Hehe.

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1 year ago

Yes i wish too

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1 year ago