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When the message had come to her that Omar had arrived, she had been thrilled. It was her birthday and she had been showered with lots of gifts by her father, friends and well wishers but the man she was set to be getting married to in two days, her husband to be hadn't sent anything, not so much as a word, so when the message had arrived that he was here and that her presence was required, she almost ran out of the room without wearing her abaaya until Parvina had yelled to remind her.

"Mariam! You have to put this on first!"

"Ohh yes. Hahaha, right." She grabbed it off the hook.

"Uhhh... someone seems in a hurry..." She teased, causing Mariam's cheeks to burn bright red. She snatched the abaaya and put it on.

"Ohh stop it!" She ran for the door.

"Chill Mariam!" She yelled. "You're putting it on all wrong, wait let me help you."

Mariam took it off and allowed Parvina help her, she tapped her feet impatiently, allowing different thoughts run through her head. Parvina took her time in helping with the abaaya, a sly smile on her face as she watched Mariam, her friend was in love! With the exact man she had sworn never to love. Somehow it looked cute.

"Ohh Parvina I feel like you're delaying on propose! Hurry!"

"Haha, I am delaying, I want you to calm down." She laughed. "Alright I'm done, just..." But Mariam had already ran out the door, cutting her short. She smiled.

Mariam paused when she got to the door of the King's chambers breathing in and putting on a smile like any one would see through the thick abaaya that covered most of her face, then she nodded to the guard to open the door. Omar stood, laughing with the King as they shared a few talks and humor, they both turned when the door was opened and Mariam walked in, bowing first to her father in greeting and then to Omar. She tried to avoid looking at him because he wouldn't stop looking at her, it made her insides turn to jelly and she blushed.

"You called for me father?"

"Haha, not me my daughter, him." He laughed heartily.

Mariam's head shot up, she looked at Omar. Him? He had called for her? She wondered what for but she felt happy, did he remember her birthday? He had to, perhaps that's why he had called for her, to present to her his gift personally. She fluttered her eyes lashes and looked back down, color came to her cheeks again.

"Well, she's here now Omar, you may take her."

"Thank you." He bowed and turned to face Mariam, gesturing his hand towards the door way he spoke, "Shall we, princess?" She lowered her head more and followed him out of the room.

Mariam walked beside him towards another room a little distance away from the King's chambers, she couldn't help the happy feeling that rose from the pit of her belly and she nervously played with her nails. Omar watched her from the corner of his eyes and smirked then he led her into a room, closing the door behind them. As he turned, he saw her taking off her abaaya.

"Why are you taking it off?"

"To save you the stress of saying it, I know that's what you want me to do, or you wouldn't have brought me in here so we can be alone, right?"

"Really?" He smiled and watched the now twenty year old young girl. "Well, I wouldn't have asked because I don't need you to, but now that you have, hmm.."

She rose an eyebrow. "So why did you want us alone?"

"Happy birthday princess."

Mariam looked at him like he'd suddenly grown a horn in the middle of his forehead. Was he serious right now? "You brought me in here," she gestured with her hands, "so you could wish me a happy birthday?"

He shrugged. "So? I don't see what's wrong."

"You don't? Is your wish so special that other ears shouldn't hear it or do you have a request....?

Omar watched the girl talk, watched her lips move and her hands move so gracefully in motion with her body, explaining each of her words as they rolled out of her mouth, she reminded him of Megan, the way she would talk like she was never wrong, the way she would talk when she was teasing him, with one hand on her waist and the other moving every which way and her eyes rolling round and sometimes settling on him with a 'do you understand what I'm saying to you' kinda look, anger welled up inside of him when he remembered her leaving the house with Samir yesterday and she had wanted to leave without his knowledge, it pained him and without thinking, he took three strides towards Mariam, she paused at his sudden closeness and looked up, his expression feared her and she took a step back but Omar was quick, he reached behind and seized her by the waist, grabbing her chin with the other hand then he kissed her ferociously.

Mariam's eyes widened in shock, her body went stiff, her hands remained by her side and for a brief moment she didn't respond to the kiss, they shouldn't be doing this but it felt so right, so she kissed back, closing her eyes, she slowly brought her hand to his chest to hold his shirt and pull herself in. Omar felt the contact of her palm on his chest and stopped abruptly, breaking off the kiss with a hiss, he squeezed her chin a little too hard forcing her eyes open, she looked at him, confusion and pain in her eyes, he locked eyes with her, the anger burnt evidently in them.

"I will never love you." He pushed her face away and stormed out, leaving her hurt.

@Ozzyy @Hanzell hot? Getting hotter 😋 ohhh can't wait

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Written by   91
1 month ago
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Okay i read this a bit late ;;-;; but oh wow, when will the day come that you'd write smut

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😂😂 soon?

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1 month ago

OwO now that I wanna see

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1 month ago

Omar what's all this???? You can't shred Miriam's heart to pieces man, o wrong!!!

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1 month ago


Well there has to be a bit of action here and there

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1 month ago

Not like this ma'am

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1 month ago