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Leticia's Angel 10

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Written by   91
2 months ago

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Leo opened his eyes to a dark sky sprinkled with so many tiny stars that shone and glimmered, he welcomed the cool breath of fresh air that sipped though this nostrils and into his lungs, his chest heaved in a lengthy sigh and dropped back down as he breathed out, the air out here was cold, he could feel it despite the think cloak that wrapped him from his shoulders to his feet, he wiggled them beneath the cloak, no shoes. Yes that was right, he had lost his shoes after his capture and the cloak did nothing to stop the chills from engulfing his feet but to the left of him he could feel some warmth. He turned.

Though the fire was small, it managed to warm him a bit despite the small distance placed between them, taking a palm to his left cheek he felt the warmth there and wanted more, he stood up to move closer and that was when he noticed the person poking a stick into the fire.

"Oh, you're finally awake." She said sparing him just a quick glance then returned back to poking the fire, the winds in the mountains encouraged the glowing flame but it burned out the wood quickly. The small cave would be warm enough to keep them alive till the morning when the sun's heat would meet them.

"Hmm... Yes." He replied with a horse voice, his mouth was dry and his lips charped, his throat ached and he wished for nothing more right now than some water.

"Here." Sheila stretched out her hand, offering him a water bottle. "Fresh water from the stream."

"Thanks." He collected the bottle and sat closer to the fire with Sheila on his left side.

Sheila watched him gulp down the liquid in a rush, emptying the bottle and she smiled. "Someone seems really thirsty."

He swallowed the last and licked his lips. "I'm sorry, I couldn't stop."

"Nah," She waved a hand at him. "That's alright, we could always get more, the stream isn't exactly far away, plus," She produced two more water bottles from her side. "We still have these."

Leo smiled and focused his attention on the fire, bringing his exposed feet right to the base and wiggled his toes. His feet were dirty and he tried to remember when last he had taken a bath, suddenly feeling very self conscious, he secretly took a sniff of himself and concluded that he was long over due for a serious bath, maybe soak up for like an hour to get rid of the stink. He imagined being immersed in a hot bath tub with rose water and scented soaps.

"Hungry?" Sheila broke his train of thoughts.

Leo blinked and saw that she was holding out a sizeable piece of dried meat in front of him. When last did he properly eat too? He took the meat and tilted his head in appreciation then brought it to his mouth. The meat tasted fine, not exactly mom's home cooking but good, at least it is edible. He watched her cut another slab off the animal which he hadn't noticed at first that lay beside her, it was an antelope, a young foal and beside the carcass was her bow and some hand carved arrows. She dipped the meat in a bowl of water to rinse off the blood and then smeared a dark purple liquid on both sides, securing it into a thin metal rod before roasting it over the fire.

"You went hunting, when did you have time for that?"

"When you were out and unconscious."

"How long was I out?" It chilled him to know that at some point he had been left alone in this cave, what if something had happened like a wild animal coming in here and devouring him or those demons had found him?

Sheila laughed, she could hear his thoughts and she wandered if he knew that she could. She looked at him, probably not. "A couple of hours."

"Ohh.." Was all he could say and then he went back to eating the rather tasty meat.

"What happened?" He suddenly asked. The last he could remember was watching her fight off some demons while he could only watch from the other side of the shallow river.

"We were attacked."

"Yes I remember that, I mean what happened afterwards."

"They also attacked you." She looked at him now.

"They did?" He didn't remember.

"You don't remember?" She brought a hand up to brush away the strands of hair by his temple, running a finger along the cut he had sustained when they had bashed his head.

His eyes followed her movement and he winced when her fingers touched the injury. He moved his head back.

"Still hurts?" She asked to which he nodded.

"I thought you said that they couldn't cross the river."

"They couldn't, well the ones I was fighting off couldn't. But the ones that attacked you didn't need to enter the water."

Leo reasoned what she had said a little. "They flew." It wasn't a question but a statement of fact but Sheila answered anyway.


"But why can't they cross? What stops them? I know they arent afraid of water."

She laughed. "No they are not. That water flows from the river Euphrates so it's like holy water. They hate it."

"If so then why bother trying to fight them off? Why not just cross knowing that they couldn't follow?" He threw the last piece of meat into his mouth feeling a bit satisfied.

"They could keep track on us, and besides it's good exercise to get rid of them. One less demon to deal with."

Leo nodded, she was right. "What of the others?"

She sighed and continued poking at the fire after handing him another piece of meat. "I'll have to get them back."

"They took them? So you're going back there?"

She looked him in the eyes, flashed a smile and nodded. "More adventure for me."

And guys, just a reminder, the story I was writing - Scorched - has now been made into a novel on the Goodnovel website. Do check it out; rate, review, read and enjoy. ❤️

@Ozzyy @Hanzell I have missed you guys and missed this also. 😭❤️

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Written by   91
2 months ago
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I already gave you my thoughts in publishox 😂 i sjould get to writing stories there too and not just art

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2 months ago

😂😂 yes you should

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2 months ago

I'm getting to that 😅😅😅 I'll try maybe tonight with some old drafts

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