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When tears meet

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6 months ago

Mirror mirror on the wall 

Why this world became a blood fall ?

Why frustration blind us all? 

Just one more time let me avow 

Among doves can not live a peaceful crow 

Flowers will never accept the beautiful snow 

What was right now is wrong 

And what was wrong now is right 

I wrote about where I belong 

Now I belong to what I write 

Is it a dream ?

Or beyond what you deem 

That life is nothing but a shallow grave 

Where is your reminiscense, where is your brave? 

Above the ground beneath the sky 

Then beneath the ground, then above the sky 

Stunned eyes remorseful soul 

Sinners call scenes call 

There is win and loose 

One path only to choose 

Let the light prevail your heart 

let darkness fail you have to fight 

Try to take the terrible times 

in a trip of beautiful rhymes 

see the sun suing the sea 

then the sky is weeping from jealousy  

The regretful sun asked her to let it go 

And their great love brought us rainbow

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