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In The Bossom of Illusion part 1

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6 months ago

As lonely as I always used to be, a child of no childhood. I once was alone in a stormy night. I could hear nothing but the wind and silence. If ever silence and wind could be fused, it was at that night.

I was escaping, from home, from life and from people. And when all by myself, I was finally honest, honest to the one I have become and swore to never forgive, yet the only thing I wanted to escape from, was myself only. I feared nothing but interruption and that came too soon. 

After a long battle between me and my mind about whether earth is round or flat, I heard a weird singing.  It was weird, yet breathtaking.  I was, for a moment, scared; but deeply curious. Therefore, I cursed my curiosity and followed the voice.

" save me, or let death take me. Oh, I care not if it takes me. I am my father's daughter and Death won't scare me"

I wanted a perfect ending to my life, now I have learned, the hard way, that some stories have no clear endings.  At least that what was holding my mind before I was flowing the girl's voice.  Now all what I want is to find her, as if she was calling me only. Well, I was the only crazy enough to be out at this time of the night. 

The voice took me to a forest.  It was dark and primordial.  Centuries-old decaying trees were malady-black and air was musty, difficult to breath and I wasn't only afraid, but extremely horrified of the white eye-blinding fog.  It was the first time my fear prevailed my curiosity. 

In a moment, I was about to go back, yet her voice came up again after a long terrifying silence.  She was asking for help, as if she was about to die, but never scared of death. 

She was so close, yet I seemed to be a bit far. Was this all an illusion I deeply wondered. 

" no, you are close" her voice again was closer 

" who are you? No, wrong question. Where are y..?!" ...... To be continued. 

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Written by   1
6 months ago
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