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Devil Twins

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9 months ago

Once upon a time in a small land on earth called Therapicia, an old man was fishing in a lake, suddenly he saw a falling star and the time was close to sunset but what he saw wasn't a falling star, it was a spaceship that escaped from another planet called Arkinla because of war. That ship was made to carry one person so it's a small one.

In the next morning when the troops of the king's army was returning to the Kingdom of Anrilla ,Christopher the old man from last night was passing through the woods on his brown horse for some hunt for his family, he looks wise and decent, he looks more like a war survival , of course because he was one of the elder generals of the kingdom and he is known as the "Warlord" he got the experience of war and of strategies. When he was searching for a hunt he saw some falling trees so he moved forward to see why and then he sees the spaceship , he was so shocked he jumped from the horse and ran to see what's in it . There were a twin brothers in it they look like humans but he didn't knew that they were from another planet.

So he took them into his house , he raised them like they were his children and gave them names Jackob and Edward, so as an elder general Christopher tought them how to fight with and without a sword, how to swim and how to full control a hourse in a battle and they lived happily many years till one day when the twins were 16 years old, Edward started to see things in a weird way. He discovered a magical power and abilities, it's all started when he had a bad dream.

He dreamt about a war between magicians and warbeasts and in the end of the dream he heared a woman calling him with a strange name and a strange language, His power was magical he could move things and control them without touching them, he could see what the animals see and sometimes he understood their language.

When he tells the general that, he didn't believe him and he was obliged to show him when he did so the general was so scared and then he noticed that just Edward who have that powers because Jackob didn't tell him about any powers he had discovered, at the same time Jackob was training on fights in the wood, he was doing a lot of push ups and sit ups, cutting wood with the axe and using the bow to hunt fishes and birds when he came back to home he saw the power of his brother and then they asked Jackob about what kind of power he had so he told them that he don't have any power like that.

One day wile he was training with his brother on fights Jackob tells his brother to use his power in the fight so Edward uses his power and lift mani smallstones to shoot them on his brother, so Jackob saw that Edward is serious in the fight and then the adrinaline start spreading in his veins he was so excited and in a blink of an eye he was behind his brother and caught him so that he can't move it was so fast when they went home they told Christopher what happened and he discovered that the power of Jackob is his strength and speed he didnt had any magical power but he had super senses listening, looking , smelling, he had a super instinct like a wild animal.

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9 months ago
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