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What I Learned from my crypto Journey?

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1 month ago
Topics: BCH, Hold, Journey

First of all, I would like you to make it clear that I am not any financial advisor, not an economics student. What I write is purely based upon my experience. It is neither collected from others nor took out from scripts. This is how I think now. I will any be wrong or maybe right I don't know. You can follow my words or not it is up to you. But when you decide to do something please i request you humbly to think for 1000 times before making a move.

Okey! Now let's start .........

I am from Nepal. My country's central bank takes crypto-currency as illegal. I stand with this decision because our economy is in a vulnerable situation. Our debt is increasing day by day. If we rely on coins that are hard to trace that may raise another problem. Being a developing country where the economy is unmatched we can't adopt it. But if we see from people's freedom like coins can reduce unemployment problems by creating online jobs, shorts jobs, part times jobs, would have facilitated in payments. And also would have promoted liquidity of markets. But must be regulated with some incorporated laws. This is why? I believe we are going to adopt it in the future no doubt. If we moved now as India is trying to forward crypto bills, it would have facilitated in the future but our leaders are not that far-sighted.


When I first came to know about crypto the most amazing thing I felt was the block-chain. However, deep inside I would feel transactions without a trace of government may not be profitable to the country. It may promote illegal activities. But coming to 2021, now I feel crypt of is unstoppable now.

In the early days, I collected coins of about $5. As I thought it's illegal so I started to giving my earnings to friends but kept it worth $5 doge. This is the story of 2017. After having $5 worth of doge, I was searching for an alternative way of earning. And they're one of my friends from the Philippines who offered me her trading account at a low price. So said low price, I was unaware of trading how could I ask price. But that was the first time I heard about trading. Then, I started to search it went on digging at last I was successful to apply for bitters. I was accepted after a month. This is how I started my trading journey with $5. After someday I added $5 borrowing from one of sister. My target was to make 100000 doges but I could only make around 25000. While making this much doge, around 16000 doges I had donated to my friends. I was left with 25k doges. I think left out all my activities and was busy with some other stuff.

Around 5 months ago I felt to write. And was searching platform and I came here. I made some money and again started to collect coins. Now, I wondered about my account, I log in to my account that at that moment my wallet was h o! ding around $95.

With $95 and earned some, now I began to learn to trade. I did for 3 months this whole time I didn't saw anyone videos not followed anyone. Just made some rule jumped into market done trading.

At Last What I learned

While trading I made many profits. I was able to connect with the graphs. I can talk with them they too respond to me. I made some dollars.

But today I realized that,

If I would have held all my earnings, I would have earned more.

I realized that trading is for investors. Invest and earn more. Yesterday night I checked into a wallet of whales. He was doing a day trade a lot, in and out. He was making some thousands BCH in week/months.

Now, that made me feel if I hold no doubt coins will gradually increase and my profits won't be lost. Why am I wasting my time doing trading unnecessarily?

From today, I am not doing trading any more now I hold my remaining coins. While my earnings too will behold now.

Will write and earn some coins here and add them to the wallet. And have fun in the noise. Now, I am in holding mode.

I will waste my time in stock markets now.

This is what I learned? And I have shared with you guys. How long will I hold? Till the date I want to go on I believe at least 5 years.

From today, I am gonna start to hold , $50 worth doge and $50 worth BCH. Will go on adding from earnings. Let's see what happens after 5 years. $100 is what I have now in my wallet.

Thank you......

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Written by   121
1 month ago
Topics: BCH, Hold, Journey
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