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Realize it, the way is to give

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3 months ago

When we see the journey of life from womb to tomb, we find that life starts from zero and ends to zero. In our whole life we start to add in zero , sometimes we add while sometimes we loose . If we see life with the spectacles of addicting and substraction, life becomes the process of giving and taking. In one moment, we inhale air on the next moment we exhale it. But in my opinion when I see the life , I find the water to live is by giving rather than accumulating.

Today's post will be on the periphery of Giving and taking.


When sperm wins the battle against the egg, life begins. At the very first moment we get body with identity: Boy or girl? what will be calling name?, Descent, religion and to last nationality. Something is added in zero.

Realize the fact that when something is added comes with some obligations.

When we gain our identity, we need to pay it's cost our whole life. Our first responsibility is attached to the body. The body is only the reason that we are identified as humans. As we are humans our first obligation and responsibilities is attached to mankind. Some people believes that family is theirs first and last responsibility but as we see the order humanity is the prime one because we can life without family : isolated life but without body, we can't. After humanity, comes the family.

After family , comes friends and with age comes the Nation.

I can remember one quite from a Spiderman movie,


If we accept or add something obviously there arises obligations, responsibility and accountability. If we don't , we won't be. But it's human nature to gain the attention of others we can't drop down all the accumulated things whether it's be our identity, our relations and assets.Some drops after some ages, leaving everything behind. That's what we call ,"SANNYASIN".

Now let's back to the topic,

As we see life of most of the people till mid age we go on accepting , taking or accumulating things. We go on adding to that BIG ZERO. But after the mid age, we now start to give it out. This all process can be understood easily with the quote as below,


Sometimes we have to pay price at the begining and sometimes we need to pay the price after we get.

Therefore, we can take our life as the process of giving and taking things. And whatever we take and give here doesn't hold a place in a Nature. Those things only have values in human life. If we see human as a by product of nature, we find that we spend our life to preserve the values which we have created our self. Those values are nothing to do with the Nature: Like money, assets, identity are all associated with the essence of humanity.

Giving and taking

What we gain here must be given out?

Saying this , I would like to mention that, "IN ECONOMICS, WE DON'T USE OWNERS , WE USE HOLDERS". Standing to this point, we are holders someday we must give it to some one.

Therefore , if we see from different angles we will find that we are in process of giving to taking things. In other words, we start with zero and go on adding on it , sometimes balances goes to negative side. It's normal. It's the nature and it is the rule.

How the process is going on?

When we add something in zero , there will be increase in zero. Now the system need to be corrected to come again to the zero. Thus we must pay price in the process of correction.

This is the reason why? When , we get paid at the initial phase then we must pay with next phase. So it is better to pay at the initial phase, then we get on next. And we also know that, when we get something we need to give it out.

Therefore there lies two laws in the process of giving and taking.

  1. Compensation ( we have to pay from everything)

  2. Gain must be given out.

This two will at the end makes us zero. And we get dissolves in this nature without anything just a zero.

The best way out,

As we know that ,vat the end we will be zero, emptied. Then, why do we put our effort on holding things at last everything will be taken from us. Thus, in my view the best way is to give out ourself.

Note: when we give it will be returned backed. And when it returns back it brings more believe me again you fall in great trouble. If it is returned back with big amounts then again give it out. Just go on giving and giving.

Giving is the ultimate path of happiness. You may feel grabbing brings but that is flourishing your ego. The way is only the path of giving.......

Thank you.....

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Written by   121
3 months ago
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