Flaws meandering within Us

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The source of heat to the earth, the sun when compared with our mother planet and sun, can fit around 1,300,000 planets earth inside it. And also sun alone holds 99.86% of the total masses of this solar system. And the sun which we know is not alone in this universe there are billions and billions and one starts has been known till date and in every star, there are planets like our solar system circling the star. Some stars are 30 times ( know till date) massive than our sun. And starts groups up and forms galaxies, in galaxies around 100-400 billion stars are found to be present. And today telescopes can study around 2 trillion galaxies. Now again beyond that galaxies, there may be some other universe that hasn't been noticing yet. This goes on expanding and expanding. To date, we only encompass those galaxies as know which are known to us or their light came to us revealing their existence.

In this vast existence, in a very tiny place almost ineligible mass of planet's and on a negligible surface area occupying negligible volume, and with some billion population if compared with others population that too Is also negligible in counts even with the organisms presents in our planet, there stand humans. The most amazing thing about humans is that we assume ourself be of something.

Most of them always try to connect themselves with the creator. They declare themselves as they are the children of gods and they are being loved by their parents. It makes us think that the owner of this existence doesn't have any task to carry so it has much leisure time and keeps watching us.

Some come with the claim that," I am Brahama" as a creator, and the funny thing is that every God of humans are in form of Humans, regardless of their power and size where western gods are giants ones.

This all structure of universe exists from the eternal time frame, our knowledge only goes back to some billions of years to the big bank where Stephen claims the time started from there but doesn't know from where did that masses come before the big bank.

And see the life of people who have a life expectancy around 70 years on average and within 70 years of age we say I have to know the rule of nature, I have Unwin the truth, I have found out the form of the creator. When we compared the existence of time to our lifetime again it is some negligible time frame where we appear and declare to know everything. We declare ourselves to have known the root of this existence. And see those enlightened ones they suggest us to find ourselves a path to get closure to the creator. Here, I question within 70 years how can we know this existence, even new things, new theories are yet to be explored.

Till now we saw that the time frame that spans our life is negligible also the space that we cover is negligible too, it is like we are negligible in this existence.

We covered negligible space-time frame, and can also be assumed as nothingness, emptiness in this vast existence.

This idea of negligible existence sometimes makes me connect with the emptiness concept of the Buddha.

The flaw of we humans is that we assume ourselves to be.....

Whether it be the western world or the eastern world from thousands of year's we all believe that we are special ones created by Gods and the centre of this existence is centred on us. This we felt for thousands of years that everything revolved around the earth. The clear evidence of this is the chart of astrology where the earth is kept at the centre and we study the chart and try to predict the future of ours.

When Galileo first time claimed that the centre is the sun, this assumption felt some turbulence. As time went on, as our study was expanded further with the solar system, it was the first time the centre shifted to the sun from earth. Slowly, it was found out that the sun too revolves around some centre in the galaxy and all galaxies also revolve around some centre in the universe. This gave a new theory called as

What assumptions were made in the older days are completed destroyed with the new world orders and the paradigm shifts but it is us the humans who are entangled with the der concepts, ideologies. Like we used to take moon as the God but more we pay money to some space institutions and visit there. God has become within our reach but also we keep on worshipping the moon even though now it is a tourist spot. The religion that is associated with the moon didn't move an inch but kept on following what has been thought of thousands of years back.

See those Taliban of our present days, they are fighting for Quran, they are the students of Quran. Who will make them understand that the moon that has been seen thousands of years ago is no more the moon, it is the tourist spot?

Besides, accept that fact they have widespread the message that till now no one has stepped on the moon and they can't also.

These are the errors that have been resulted from the flaws of assumptions.

Another most hideous assumption is that we are made by God to exploit this world. And this is what we use to answer why do religious people eat meat?

That's funny to say that God or creator loved people so much that he declared man to be the owner of this planet. Whatever exist are made for humans. And it is surprising fact that this is written in their holy books, what assumptions we have been ruled ourselves with?

When I see the mechanisms of this nature I don't find any privileges that were offered to humans to explore this world. Other animals have more privileges than us. See around lions have strong bodies with strength in their body, crocodile with powerful jaws and we humans existed till date without any proper special attributes. We have spent thousands and thousands of years in caves and always with the fear of darkness, fear of wild animals and after BCE we started to exploit this world when we discovered the iron core and studied metals. Our agriculture surged with irons and history is only dated back to 2000 years back.

Isn't it ironic to claim that what exists are for humans?

And lastly, we declared that we are the most intelligent creatures on this earth.

This assumption is what makes people to tho k that we are comparable to the standards of gods. And see the history of humankind, before 20th century we were not even comparable to some animals, we were like some groups of monkeys

Battling, quarrelling, conquering, exploiting, discriminating, killing own race creatures, have we have seen any animals doing that.

See around those people who created some gestures in stones some hundred years ago now we worship them as gods and we are intelligent, how? In our world where we can buy everything with money, and we are intelligent?

We have been carrying the old ideologies of experiments done thousands of year's ago and believe it is the words of gods and is never be wrong even though every century proved that they are outdated and we are the smartest creatures in this world.

Flaws that we have assumed as the best way of resolving the ongoing process may gave some solutions at that time and we codified them with the golds in our holy books has turned us to be the slaves of the old concepts. It is the assumptions that exist in our civilization that exist as the form of flaws. And it is very amazing fact is that the system that we have created out of flaws has turned itself to be the protector of those existing flaws. And same flaws of assuming ourselves has hypnotised us and coming generations that they feel that if they go on carrying those flaws they will be granted as the blessed ones in their lives and also get a golden ticket to the heavens.

Due to the flaw existing, we were assumed to be the smartest, intelligent ones in this world but ourself we turned into the slaves of outdated theories and concepts.

Thank you, for your time

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