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Instead of overthinking why don't you...

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4 months ago

Shira's POV-

Lia and i decided to talk about a sensitive topic which is the overthinking. I know some of the people see it as some kind of act to get some attention from others when in fact it is not an act at all. We research about some facts about those who tend to over think a lot. The following are the researched topic: Although there's some evidence that suggests women are more likely to be overthinkers than men,the truth is, everyone overthinks sometimes.

Overthinking is a common issue I address in my therapy office. People often come to their appointments saying things like, "I can't relax. It's like my brain won't shut off," or "I can't stop thinking about how my life could have been better if I'd done things differently."

The link between overthinking and mental health problems is a chicken-or-egg type question. Overthinking is linked to psychological problems, like depression and anxiety.

It's likely that overthinking causes mental health to decline and as your mental health declines, the more likely you are to overthink. It's a vicious downward spiral.

But, it's hard to recognize that spiral when you're caught in the middle of it. In fact, your brain might try to convince you that worrying and ruminating is somehow helpful.

After all, won't you develop a better solution or prevent yourself from making the same mistake if you spend more time thinking? Not necessarily.

And so we decide to also research some ways how to deal with such Condition, we share our own opinion on each solutions.

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Not every time prayer would would work but praying to god or twlling them your problems will somehow lessen the pain you were feeling at the moment with just a simple actions you would feel the burden suddenly fade that has been weighing on your shoulders. They might not answer our pray but we know one thing for sure that they are listening silently to us.

Listen to music

For me listening to the music lifts up my mood every time especially when it is some upbeat music I'm playing. For me listening to music will be the best strategy to do when you start to overthink, but only listen to happy music or some kind of music that you can dance with or even music that you can sing along, the main key is to only listen to ubpbeat music. Since overthinker made up scenarios in their head, the lyrics of the songs would stop them from doing so that is why for me this will be the most effective way to deal with overthinking.

Talk to someone positive

Talking to this kind of people is also a great way not to overthink they are like rays of sun to your dark clouded mind. I sometimes think that this type of person has a magic powers in thier hands, you can share your problem with the feeling of being judge or unwanted. I salute this kind of person.

Disconnect yourself in gadgets even for 2 hrs

Since we all know social media has begun to be somewhat toxic so disconnecting with it for a couple of hour would not hurt anyone but instead it will help us keep the positive energy around us. So when you encounter things that may trigger you it is better to scroll down and went straight to your favorite positive video that you have saved on your phone.

Lia's POV-

In life we cannot avoid to think and imagine about many things and sometimes we don't notice that we overthink and this might be bad to us. Growing up I really like to imagine and think of some scenarios that might happen to the future untill one day I found myself crying over some things that I overthink and then I realized what am I doing crying like a child that someone stole my candy, some said that crying is good to clean eye dust but crying everyday make me feel sad and lonely. So I want to share the four things that I do in order to prevent myself over thinking again.

  • ‌Distract yourself

  • ‌Sleep early

  • ‌Avoid negative people

  • ‌Surrender your problems to God

When we say distract yourself there are many things that will comes in your mind, other distract themselves by bullying other because they think that they will pass their problems with the person that they bullied but no violence will not solve any problems always remember that. If you want yo fix something you need to do it rightly without violating rules. Personally I watch movies to distract myself and moat of the movie that I watched ate Disney and cartoon, because this movies have a positive perspective in life and after you watched it you will realized that problem is part of our life it will come and go, we can do anything if we trust ourselves.

Sometimes I also play tennis for me to get tired and sleeps early, I am really fond of sleeping. When I have enough sleep time I am really in good mood for the whole day and this makes me forgot to think about some problems it is really helpful.

We should choose who to interact with each other everyday, choose those people that supports you and you know yourself that this people helps you and support you to whatever you want in your life but of course not doing the bad things those people that will support you doing bad are the negative ot toxic people in life but those you supports you to grow and bloom are the positive people that has good intentions to you and wanted you to be successful in life.

Praying is the most powerful way to talked to God, always willing to listen to all the problems and drama of us in our life but this will also help you lessen your problems. Instead of overthinking why don't you just start praying and tell some stories about your life to God.


Hope you learned and had an idea about what to do if you are overthinking, hoping that you apply this methods or ways in your real life and help you deals with your problems in overthinking. Have a great day guys! © To the pictures that's been use.

Thank you!

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Written by   8
4 months ago
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