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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Prediction

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7 months ago

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or known as Bitcoin ABC is a digital currency or cryptocurrency with a decentralized peer-to-peer system. 

The emergence of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) began with the first hard fork of Bitcoin (BTC) in August 2017 when Bitcoin Cash (BCH) separated itself from Bitcoin (BTC) by building a larger block capacity.

However, even though the bitcoin cash network should be a more functional currency, it is a popular coin to invest in crypto traders. Investing in digital currencies such as BCH tokens, bitcoin SV and bitcoin cash ABC is a good investment decision based on the price of the coin and sell signals.

Roger Ver, often referred to as Jesus Bitcoin, has always been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin Cash from the start. 

interview recent he also said, "I am very much in favor of Bitcoin Cash, just as I was when I became the very first Bitcoin investor in 2011." He also predicts that Bitcoin will be 10 to 20 times higher than its current value, and Bitcoin Cash will become 2 times more valuable in a few years. 

According to him, Bitcoin Cash is popular because it can be stored and spent similarly to cash, making it possible to use it in everyday life. Roger Ver seems to have a positive Bitcoin Cash price prediction and expects it to show good growth in the coming months. (source:

This analysis is not wrong, as we see the current price of Bitcoin Cash is around 4,852,406.95 IDR, this shows that the growth Bitcoin Cash is very promising for investment in the future..

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7 months ago
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