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Value of life

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3 weeks ago

This a story of your value.I have tried to explain to you through a story how much life is worth.

Before he died, a father called his son and said, 'Take this! I gave you this watch today. Your grandfather gave it to me. The clock is two hundred years old. But you have to do something before you can get the watch. '

The boy said, 'What work?'

- 'Take this watch to the street watch shop. Tell them you want to sell this watch. '

The boy did just that. The watch was taken to a watch shop on the side of the road for sale. When he returned, his father said, 'How much did the watchmaker want to pay for the watch?'

The boy said, 'One hundred rupees only. The watch is very old, so '.

Dad said, 'Now go to the coffee shop next door. Tell them you want to sell this watch. '

The boy did just that. I went to a coffee shop next door with the watch When he returned, his father asked, 'What did they say?'

- 'They didn't want to take it. Said, what will happen to us with such an old, dirty watch? '

Dad smiled. He said, 'Now you go to the museum with this watch. Tell them that this watch is two hundred years old from today.

The boy did the same thing again. He took the watch to the museum. When he returned, his father said, 'What did they say?'

- 'They are almost shocked to see the clock! They wanted to pay me one lakh rupees for this watch. '

The father smiled when he heard his son's words. Said, 'My child! This is what I wanted to teach you that those who value you will value you in life. And those who do not value you will never value you. So don't be discouraged by people who don't evaluate you. They are unable to understand your value. You go to them and they will understand your true value ...

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Written by   50
3 weeks ago
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good article, carry on

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3 weeks ago

Hey dear so much interest to read your article. Keep it up

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3 weeks ago

Thank you

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