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Suicide is the solution to everything?

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3 weeks ago

How bad does it feel to hear the word Suicide?

It is an action performed from the world of abnormal thought. Suicide is seen in all kinds of people.

Unexpected events like suicide are also among famous people. There are legends, there are politicians, there are intellectuals. Suicide is as common among the elderly as it is among the young.

Not only married-unmarried, lovers-lovers, thieves-saints, many famous people have also chosen this cursed path. In other words, heroes, villains, scientists and other elites have also committed suicide. Among them are Cleopatra, Nero, Adolf Hitler, Ernest Hemingway, Chris Benoit, Vincent van Gogh and Marilyn Monroe, the beautiful actress who shook the whole world in the sixties.

Only 45,000 people in the United States commit suicide each year. The most frustrated young people are those who commit suicide. Suicide is seen in the elderly.

🌻Meanwhile, the suicide rate among the elderly is higher in Japan. The day before, in the morning or in the afternoon, the old man you saw walking in the workplace or in the garden, you woke up in the morning and saw the police in front of his house. His body is being taken out by breaking down the door.

I recently went to an international seminar on mental illness in Japan. Talking to some doctors and acquaintances there, it was found out the reason.

They have everything, they are the best nation in the world, but why suicide among them. What is the root cause?

The number of suicides in Bangladesh is much higher. Many suicides occur every year. Mostly young women. Mentally ill, drug addicted, socially family, physically and mentally abused and abused people are more likely to commit suicide. Many times the news of suicide in one's own family due to poverty is also seen in the newspapers. However, there are no specific statistics on why people are choosing the path of suicide.

Who commits suicide?

Suicide is more common among men than women. Suicide is the second leading cause of death between the ages of 15 and 25. Women attempt suicide more often than men and they usually use poisoning substances. Men choose more dangerous methods for suicide, such as shooting a pistol or jumping from above.

In our country, it is more common for young women to commit suicide by consuming pesticides and wrapping scarves around their necks. Rural women are more likely to drink pesticides and urban girls are more likely to commit suicide by drugs and chemicals.

🌻Married men use pistols to commit suicide and unmarried men usually commit suicide by hanging. Somewhat different in the case of women. They usually commit suicide by consuming poisonous drugs or by overdosing on commonly used drugs. Women do not usually carry pistols on their heads to commit suicide because they are beauty conscious. However, they were seen to commit suicide through bleeding.

The tendency to commit suicide in developed countries is more prevalent in winter, weekly holidays. People in poorer countries commit suicide more than rich countries. However, many rich people in Russia commit suicide.

🌻Women try to commit suicide more than once, which is not very common in men.

Their multiple attempts at suicide are again seen by many as ‘attempts to register attention to him or her’ (attention seeking), which is completely wrong.

If someone says, I will leave, but I will die, will not find me or do not want me to live, but it must be taken seriously. He must take psychiatric counseling. Because those who have committed suicide have often said such things.

Image of suicide in Bangladesh

There is no precise data on the number of suicides in Bangladesh, but the causes of suicide in Bangladesh are very clear and almost the same pattern. Mental illness, drug addiction, failure in love, physical and mental abuse, failing exams, losing property, being financially damaged, getting into debt, being humiliated, being humiliated, being raped, etc. are some of the main reasons. Many are also seen committing suicide due to poverty.

Every suicide is painful for every family. There is a specific reason for each suicide. It's not like someone said unseen and someone jumped omni to commit suicide. However, the mentally ill or drug addicts are different. Many times they are hallucinations. They hear someone commanding them, kill yourself. As a result, they are motivated to commit suicide or murder.

In order to blame someone for suicide, we first blame the person who committed suicide. Then bring the surrounding issues into consideration. Because every human life is important to him first.

The first is to keep yourself safe. But in the case of suicide, this man has killed himself.

Because most of the suicides in our country occur in one's own home, by drinking pesticides or by tying a rope around one's neck. So it means that in order to prevent suicide, everyone in the house has to be careful and aware first. We need to know what suicide is, who can do it. Who is at risk.

Many may ask who will commit suicide, how will we understand it or not, or is it a foregone conclusion? The clear answer would be 'yes'.

This is possible only if you have a clear idea about suicide. So everyone knows what suicide is?

Explanation of suicide

Psychiatrists and psychologists around the world have researched a number of ‘suicide notes’ or some ‘suicide notes’ written by suicide bombers to investigate suicide. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. " That is, the suicidal person now feels the burden of society and family, or he is living in intense pain from which there is no escape, or in any accident in his life, death seems to be the only solution.

Patients suffering from chronic diseases often choose the path of suicide thinking that their future is dark or they think that they are impotent. The case of a severe mental patient is a little different. As a disease, depression is the leading cause of suicide.

Two out of every three depression patients are found to commit suicide.

Many people think that people commit suicide to get rid of temporary pain, but that is not the case. Then everyone in the world would commit suicide. Basically the suicide bomber fails to convince himself that his survival has any meaning at all. This is the mistake of his thinking process.

Symptoms of suicide:

In almost all cases, before committing suicide, a number of physical and behavioral changes are seen in him, which makes it very clear that the loved one can choose the path of suicide. The changes are a lot like this-

1) Unusual changes occur in his behavior and eating habits.

2) He started withdrawing from all the friendly social activities.

3) In the context of an incident in the past, he spoke or tried to commit suicide.

4) The study office court withdraws from these daily activities.

5) Making a final decision about something like making a will, resigning, etc.

7) Take dangerous risks in unnecessary matters, such as risky driving, unprotected sex, taking excessive drugs or taking drugs.

6) Suddenly shows apathy towards the most desired subject, personal love or any subject of love, or any desired goal of life.

7) Talking about death all the time, thinking, tempting others, increasing the use of alcohol, cannabis, yaba, etc. severely.

9) Depressed, depressed, withdrawn from everything, etc.

Provoking suicide

🌻But all of a sudden these things happen in suicides that it is not. In most cases, some of the risk factors work. Like they have been in a crisis recently, someone close to them has died, they have lost relatives.

🌼Also having a love affair, getting divorced, being fired, being reported with an incurable or complex disease, being humiliated, being physically abused, being raped, cheating, being severely harmed in any way, etc. There is always time. And for all these reasons, he gradually lost his self-confidence. No argument in favor of survival seems acceptable to him then.

Sometimes the past history of some suicides is found to have various antisocial personality traits such as stealing, lying, cheating, defaulting or killing someone. Evidence of past suicides has also been found among family members of suicide victims.

How to stay free from suicide?

Only awareness can prevent the suicide of a loved one. To extend a hand of sympathy to him. I sought the help of a psychiatrist for psychiatric counseling. Saying something like "why didn't we die before we saw the face, the stigma of the clan, your deeds and the consequences" does not accelerate the suicide plan of the beloved person but extends a hand of love and sympathy to him.

A question here can peek into everyone's mind, many victims of adverse situations in life, all of them do not take the risk of suicide. Yes, that's right. But you have to remember that not everyone has the mental skills and abilities to simply accept everything.

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Written by   50
3 weeks ago
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suicide no last solution people, mentally desperation many peoples suicide, please back subscribe

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Suicide comes when a man sees no way out and sees no more meaning to life.

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Thank you for your valuable comment

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No suicide isn't the solutions for everything, but have to confidence on her self Good article one.. 😍😍

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Thank you

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