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Some Truths

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3 weeks ago

Sometimes we don't know what to do actually or how we prosper in life.there are some truths which motivate us.

Thomas Alva Edison was asked, have you made a mistake in life? He was saying, 'Countless times!' Hearing that, the questioner said, 'Then you have less intelligence in your head?' In response, Edison replied, 'I had less intelligence in my head, but it has multiplied many times over because I made many mistakes!'

The thing is, every time Edison made a mistake, Edison invented new methods. The world has come a long way through the successful discoveries made in this way.

"There is nothing wrong with all new education," said Robin Sharma, a well-known Canadian writer.

Scientist Albert Einstein said, "If someone says he never made a mistake, it means he never tried."

The book 'How to change a life' once came out as 'How to change a wife' by forgetting the name in the second edition, then it became a best seller!

There are words, sometimes say wrong, otherwise you will not understand whether people are listening to you or not!

Sometimes you write wrong, then the person who has bet you will not comment in life will also comment.

"Development is an integrated process of effort and error," said Benjamin Franklin.

According to business guru Richard Branson, "No one can learn to walk by the rules, but by trying and repeating the wrong steps over and over again."

According to Colin Powell, 'Qualified leaders are not born out of effort, mistakes and experience.'

Michael Jordan, one of the best athletes, said, "I have succeeded today because I have made many mistakes and failed."

"The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail," said Henry Ford.

One lover's comment, 'Falling in love with the wrong man is one of the chances to fall in love with another pure man.'

As the saying goes, real people can never be perfect!

If everything is perfect then you will never learn anything!

Try to have a pencil mentality, so that if you make a mistake, you will have the opportunity to try again by rubbing it with your back! If you do not delete the image!

People with pen mentality in the right way! So beautiful pictures with pens are not!

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Written by   50
3 weeks ago
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Mistake is so much helpful for do best after and dont do again that mistake. We know that our best teacher is our last mistake. Dear why dont you see my post 😞

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3 weeks ago

I will surely see your post dear

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3 weeks ago