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Garlic Bread(Restuarant's taste at Home)

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2 weeks ago

Various items including yeast of various breads have been shown to you before, as a part of it, let's not look at the recipe of garlic nan bread today. The matter is not so difficult, nan bread is actually made and eaten by everyone at home now. However, in hotels, this type of bread is commercially grown in a large oven (matka type) for many customers to manage together (there is no alternative). However, even if it is made at home, it does not taste less than that and I hope everyone in the family will like it.

Let's take a look, but this yeast has been given more ingredients than the previous yeast so that the yeast is more fluffy. Yes, that's the amount of sour yogurt. The taste will increase several times and the inside of various breads will also become quite fluffy.

Ingredients: (We have estimated that you will now increase and decrease the amount of ingredients according to what you make)

- Flour, three cups (thinner can be 9 o'clock and thicker and thicker will be 8 o'clock)

  • Yeast, three teaspoons

- Sugar, two teaspoons

- Salt, half a teaspoon or less (three pinches)

- Sour yogurt, half a cup

- Soybean oil, half a cup

- Water, lukewarm, like quantity

- Garlic, 7/8 cells (first you have to take it whole and take it out and mix it with a little salt)

- Coriander leaf buds, to look beautiful, little

- Butter, quantity, to put on


1, take all the ingredients one by one in the bowl for making dough. (Spoon yeast) Mix well.

2, now give sour yogurt.

3, mix.

4, now gently give lukewarm water and keep on applying. Do not give more water at once.

5, butter.

6, now give half a cup of oil. Butter.

7, now leave with the lid on for a couple of hours, at normal temperature.

6, dough swelling will come in such a state.

9, guess now take a ball and size it as you wish by pulling the hand, if necessary use a separate flour, so that it does not stick to the hand.

10, Now sprinkle the crushed garlic (said in the amount of preparation), you can add some coriander to make it look beautiful (it's your wish!)

11, Now heat the non-sticky pan and bake these in it.

12, do not put any oil in the pan.

13. When one pit is done, invert the other pit.

14, it can be understood by looking at the inside. If it is thin, it will be quick and if it is a little thick, it will take time.

15. Now lower it and spread the liquid butter on it with a spoon.

16, Garlic Nan became busy.

16, great taste, not less than the store but more and hygienic. The hotel costs less than the price!

16, then what? Tea tea tea… .. Coffee coffee coffee for those who like coffee!

Greetings to all.

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Written by   48
2 weeks ago
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