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Do you want to build it yourself

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Think before you build

It is important to know why you want to build. If a building does not sufficiently correspond to your reasons for constructing it, you have wasted time and money. The most common reasons for building a new home are: more space for a growing family; being in a more comfortable position for work, school and friends; enjoy a better environment.

Before you start building, decide on the constraints on your financial resources. Can You Really Build And Taxes? Jesus Christ once said, “Who among you who wants to build a tower doesn't sit down first and calculate the cost to see if you have enough to finish it? Otherwise, he can throw the base but not finish it, and all the spectators can start teasing him by saying, “This man started the construction but he couldn't finish it. "- Luke 14: 28-30.

Another point to keep in mind is, do you have time to devote to building your home? The weather varies, but an American building authority says you can count on every weekend and night of the year plus two weeks of vacation to do the job yourself. Can you spend so much time

What structural skills do you also have? Do you have the patience to buy building materials? And do you usually interrupt what you start? These are factors to consider beforehand.

What are the options for building your house? You may want to purchase and renovate an existing facility. On the other hand, what about the rent? At first it is cheaper to rent and a rented building is usually ready to move into. Maintenance and control are the responsibility of the owner. But there are also downsides. The owner does not need to keep the building in good repair. And if you're moving, there's nothing solid to prove for the years you've paid the rent.

Once you have made the decision to build your home, you will need to buy a property unless you already have one. Before purchasing a land, there are a few things to consider as shown in the attached diagrams. Take the time to choose the terrain. Try to see how different weather conditions affect it. Also determine the legal requirements before starting construction.

Comply with legal requirements

In the United States, there are two codes that govern the construction of buildings: zoning codes and building laws. Zoning divides a city or county into several “zones” or districts and indicates how the land can be used in each “zone”. These laws also refer to “density,” which is the area of ​​land required for a building of a given volume and coverage. These requirements may prevent you from building the type of structure you want on a property, but they may be allowed on a nearby property. To avoid problems, obtain copies of area plans and laws from your local zoning council or planning committee.

The second set of building laws is the building code. Almost no city is without these laws. Although complicated and perhaps difficult to understand, it is not advisable to view the building code as an enemy that must be destroyed. Instead, it's designed to protect you and ensure that certain minimum technology and security requirements are met. Building codes are based on practical experience and common sense.

A government agency may have requirements that make setting up some websites very difficult and expensive. Obtaining all the required licenses in advance can help you avoid costly mistakes.

In many places, home planning should be done or supervised by a licensed architect or engineer in your area. Contact your local building department for requirements. However, there are times when it is necessary to hire the services of an architect, whether or not they are required by law. Since buildings of a general nature affect the lives and well-being of many people, an architect's understanding of building design and safety can prevent a tragedy in the event of a fire or other disaster. Obviously, architects and engineers have different skills, and it is good to find one who has the skills and qualifications you want.

Decide what type of work licensed craftsmen, such as plumbers and electricians, should perform. In some areas it is illegal to work alone in these areas. Ask your local building office what jobs you can and cannot do yourself.

Build your house

The key to successful construction is to organize your work and buy materials. With that in mind, prepare a timeline with a realistic timeline. It will help you set goals and organize the order of the materials. Personal acquaintance with building material suppliers is also desirable, as they can help you with material selection.

It is very important to start the project with a complete set of plans and specifications. Follow the plans carefully and look for any deviations. When the project is completed, some construction departments require them to submit revised plans that show how the work was actually carried out.

Provide the necessary craftsmen in advance to help you with tasks that you can not do yourself. If you wait until the last minute, they may not be available for the job. This is especially true for licensed men, such as plumbers and electricians. In addition, regular visits by home inspectors should be organized.

Good monitoring is also important for a successful construction program. Having a notebook to write down things that need special attention can be very helpful. Make sure you solve problems quickly, otherwise they can escalate and be a source of great discouragement. Keep the list up to date and check items when handling it.

Try to keep your excitement high. Although it may be easy at first, it will be more difficult as the project progresses. But if you stick to your schedule, you can fight the loss of enthusiasm.

Now some safety considerations. Make sure you have enough insurance to cover you and others in the event of an accident. Provide fire extinguishers and learn how to use them. Make sure that first aid is easily accessible and carry out an emergency procedure.

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