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Physical Fitness and its Components

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4 months ago

Physical fitness is a state of well being,the ability to perform activities effectively without undue fatigue. Proper nutrition,hygiene and exercise are key factors to achieve one's fitness.

Maintaining the personal health and fitness is a matter of personal choice. How one lives generally determines how well and how long a person lives. Establishing a healthy lifestyle enables one to achieve one's special fitness level.

Understanding the different fitness test and how to interpret the results will help one measure one's level of fitness. Getting fit and staying fit depends on self motivation,time management of,commitment and enjoyment.

Physical Education is an integral part of the educational program designed to promote the optimum development of an individual....physical,emotional,mental, and social well being. Through various activities such as sports, leisure activities,dances and games. These ways of activities enhance skills,talents,inttelectual capability, and the emotional development in an individual.

Physical fitness is the ability of an individual to perform his or her daily tasks without undue fatigue and have extra energy in case of emergency. To achieve this,proper decipline is very essential. Aside from decipline, total exposure to different physical activities will boost confidence and help enhance one's weaknesses. Health habits and lifestyle should be practiced to develop the mind and body to fight diseases. The absence of liquor,cigarettes,drugs and other vices could be of great help to maintain good health.

Physical fitness components are divided into two; health related skills and skills related fitness.

Health related skills include aspects of psychological function that offer protection against diseases, resulting from active lifestyle and that which can be improved through physical activities.

Health Related Skills fitness components are; muscular endurance,muscular strength,cardiovascular endurance, skill related fitness,balance,flexibility,speed,agility,coordination,power,reaction time and organic vigor.

The ability to exert force over an extended period of time. Throwing and kicking are some examples of muscular endurance.

The ability of the muscles to exert and produce maximum effort. Carrying a pail of water,big stones,or blocks of wood is component of muscular strength.

The ability of the circulatory system to supply oxygen to working mucles during exercise is called cardiovascular endurance.

Skill related fitness is closely related to athletic ability. It's components is useful in performing motor tasks related to sports and athletic.

Refers to the body's ability to maintain a state of equilibrium while remaining stationary or moving is balance, it is important to all sports but is especially important in gymnastics.

The ability of the muscles to move joints to perform a wide range of motion and to move easily and without strain or injury is called Flexibility.

Speed is essential for the successful performance of most sports and general locomotor movement skills.

The ability of the body to perform activities and to move and change direction in a short period of time is Agility.

The linking of senses through the brain to the parts og the body to produce smooth,quick,and efficient controlled movements is Coordination. It can be developed by practicing over and over the skill to be learned.

Power is the ability to transfer energy into force. To develop power,a person must practice activities that are required to improve strength, but at a fast rate. Power is the product of speed and strength.

The amount of time it takes to make a physical response that one sees needed to take an action is called Reaction Time.

While Organic Vigor refers to the cardiovascular efficiency which contributes to the ability of an individual to resist disease.

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Written by   137
4 months ago
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being healthy physically is really important to everyone.. exercising regularly and having manner in eating foods will helps us to have a healthy body. upvoted! :) I am new in this platform, hope you'll help me to get along :)

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Wow really? Welcome here dear.

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yes, thank you dear :)

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