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Know Yourself

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3 months ago

Learning to know ourself is not easy. One way, of course is to know how we use our time. And there is need to understand who we are and to learn to accept ourselves.

Recognize that we have a number of roles to play. There are roles of leadership and roles of fellowship. There are roles of relationship such as father, husband or wife, or friend or sweetheart, professional/ client, supervisor/ subordinate. In addition to these major roles there are all kinds of other functional roles we are called upon to play each day. There's the role of automobile driver, the role of pedestrian, the role of supermarket shopper, and many others we could name, all of which have their own set of rules and customs.

Different people have different energy levels and require different amount of time to rest and think. One person can't perform on less than eight hours sleep a night, while another manages. (miraculously) to get along on four. What one person finds emotionally draining another finds emotionally exhilarating.

All of us have energy cycles. There are times when we are much more creative than the others. There are times when our spirits are "up" and times when we are down. We need to identify these times and make use of them.

Some people absorb information by listening; others do much by reading. How about you, What's your style?

Some people require a great deal of detailed thinking and planning before they act; other people move much more intuitively with seemingly the same results.

It is important to find out who we are, to know our style. Accept ourself and our gifts and use them. God does! Have an overall style that reflects our goals.

Evaluate the pressures we're under and relieve them if needed. Tired people aren't effective people.

Keep our priorities straight. Eliminate those things that don't relate to our goals. Feed our strengths and starve our weaknesses. Understand those things we do well, and realize which tasks are best performed by others.

Were the one person with whom we are always going to have to work. The more we know about ourself, the more effective we can become. And the more we can accept others for themselves, fine!

One way of getting to know ourself is through analysis of ideal goals. On slips of paper write down some goals for what you would like to be or do, if you had your complete choice, ten years from now. Write down goals for yourself,for your family, and for your work. Now arrange them in order of importance. These goals reflect our ideal self. We may or may not like what we see. We may discover there are some things we really wish were different. We may discover things we really should be doing that we are not.

Always give time to know yourself better, for your own good, for your family and for your goal. .

Thanks for reading 📖

Love lots ❤️😘


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Written by   137
3 months ago
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So nicely you explain is it how to know Yourselfers.. Really its to much Hard to know yourselfers

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3 months ago