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Food for Millennium Women

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1 year ago

Working women have different nutritional needs from their children, mostly due to a lifestyle exposed to everyday pollution and stress, which can affect health and well being and even increase the chances of illness.

Here are some guidelines for right eating to help women cope with their special working needs;

Women should plan and consume a balanced diet from a variety of foods. We should pay particular attention to increased food needs during pregnancy and lactation. And if you eat convenience food, choose those with higher nutritional value and observe the principle of variety.

Adults should select fortified foods. Also read food labels to make healthier choices and take nutritional supplements only upon expert advice.

To help prevent hypertension, limit your intake of salt and salty foods. Use iodized salt instead of regular salt.

Practice environmental hygiene sanitation. Eat clean and safe food always and drink safe water to keep bad bacteria away.

Women need to ensure availability of Vitamin B complex in their daily diet to help them cope with everyday stress. Vitamin B also increase the metabolism of food intake to boost energy levels and help fight fatigue experienced by people during stressful times. Green leafy vegetable such as Ampalaya tops, pepper leaves, kangkong and saluyot are rich in riboflavin while dark green vegetables are good sources of niacin.

Women as well as men should drink eight to 12 glasses of water every day to flush out the toxins present in the body. This also rehydrates the body and promotes healthier, younger looking skin.

Vitamin C is essential to women because it helps keep their skin smooth,clean and youthful looking, in the face of increased pollution around us. It also boosts the immune system which helps build the body's natural resistance to colds and infections which commonly occur when you're busy and rundown. One serving of guavas, tomatoes and other succulent fruits are sufficient to provide 70 to 75 mg. of Vitamin C, which is an adults daily requirement.

Women need to take in moderation fat and cholesterol rich foods such as butter, nuts, internal organs of animals to avoid the risk of getting heart disease one of the top killers in the country.

They should also increase their calcium intake to help fight osteoporosis, which is common among women as they get older. All dairy products cheese and baked products with eggs are good sources of calcium.

Animal products such as meat, liver,eggs and seafood contain zinc, which helps manufacture proteins and genetic materials needed by the body. Zinc also assists in hormonal activity reproduction and lactation.

To reduce stress, keep a balanced diet. Regular exercise and enough sleep are the perfect way to cope with the fast paced lifestyle of all working women.

That's all.

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Written by   143
1 year ago
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