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When the love is gone

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7 months ago

A poem ...

When the love is completely gone, can we go back to where we started?
When we felt that cold, can we just stay still? And keep your heart guarded

let me be your light across the path that we both walk on
I will never give up on you, I promise that I'm gonna hold on

I will be your safe haven no one will harm you
I will be your sweater and let me be the one to warm you

The infinite cold that drowns you I will come to save you
when you're weak and nowhere to go I will be the one to guide you

When you feel that you are alone and no one to listen
I'll be there for you with my arms and heart open

I will be the seashore you will be the sea
we will be together even if its plain to see

I'm gonna reach you even you're miles away
you don't have to tell me because I'm here to stay

I am your peace, your friend, your home
gonna bring out the best in you, now you are not alone

Gonna choose you every day like what I've used to do
Just like Paramore cause "I'm into you"

You are my favorite melody, in my unfinished song
you are the right in my life that full of wrong

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I feel like it's a song din 🥺😍 ang ganda 🥰🥰

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7 months ago

Thank you sa tip :) Glad you like it <3

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7 months ago