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Microsoft's "interest" in cryptocurrencies

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1 month ago

Today I want to make a post about a topic that I read a long time ago and called me a long time ago and it is simply that Microsoft adopted Blockchain technology to pay for its products or services of the company and not only that guys but it has partnered with some great NFTs companies for very impressive projects. The company founded by Bill Gates has donated more than $25 million to a startup that focuses on developing NFTs to ferment art and sports in the USA.

Now what I can't understand is how the NFTs can ferment the sport? I have been reading this article several times and I simply can't understand, they assure that these NFTs will be given to the users of the platform, but in my personal opinion this will only make their patrimony grow and is a key strategy to position themselves on the web guys and from my point of view I think they do this to become famous and get rich. Everyone can draw their own conclusions about it.

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I also want to mention that the company has been setting up Blockchain based businesses for a long time and this will be for a long time and it is something we have to take into account, simply because this technology has changed many lives and has a lot of potential for the very near future. I insist that this will cause a big collapse in the NFT's markets and also that they are doing this for a simple strategic marketing.

I would also like to mention that the founder of Microsoft has always been negative to investing in cryptocurrencies and that is due to the thousands of scams or frauds that occur daily in the world of cryptocurrencies guys, I am also very careful when investing in cryptocurrencies and it is something that I will always be careful because I have simply seen many cases of fraud in this vast decentralized world.


The founder of Microsoft has been a little interested in cryptocurrencies after he was told that the price of cryptocurrencies could be affected after a simple twitter tweet and it is something that also caught my attention because it is simply very interesting to invest in a cryptocurrency that we all know will rise thanks to the tweets of Elonk Musk for example.

Why don't millions like to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Multi millionaires and tycoons do not like to invest in cryptocurrencies because they claim that the lack of regulation and the strong anonymity that these assets present can be very harmful to their finances and in my personal opinion I think it is true because on the internet there is nothing 100% safe guys.

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Written by   22
1 month ago
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