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Is there anything at all like a "true friend"?.

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1 year ago

Often times I have heard several people complain on how they were betrayed by their friends,they people who claim ate there rude or die,most times these are people who grew up together in the same neighborhood and even went as far as attending same school be it high school or college,but along the line things begin to happen,one eventually starts to have bad energy over the other and then boom what actually took so many years to nuture has just been put to an end.seeein this thing play out before my very eyes makes me begin to wonder if their is anything like true friendship or just friends with benefits. Now getting down or bringing it down to the area of dating between a lady and a guy you still witness the same thing play out before our very eyes again.

Every young lady out dear wants a good looking and rich man as a boy friend or someone who she is to date,thereby putting the popular love is blind phrase aside.And making those who coined it out look like fools before the world.In the world we live in today, the issue of divorce have taken over the whole land.greed and violence is now the order of tbt the day.i ask again"does true friendship still exist." The one devoid of greed and jelousy,we often read of stories of death and so many things which took place between friends and yet the numbers keep increasing on the dailies every now and then.Its a pity that the world we live in today has been thrown to the underdogs.Where can one find a true friend?.

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