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Support your children, no matter what

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1 month ago

Rita gave birth that day and was waiting to meet her son. Time passed, but the doctor was not giving her the baby. She felt something and asked them what was wrong. She insisted on them to give her son. The doctor spoke out then. He told her that they had to tell her something. 

They showed her the baby. 

But when Rita saw her son, tears came out to her eyes. Most of his body was covered with a giant birthmark. The doctor Said that it was hard to explain why it happened. They suspected that it was probably A DNA malfunction. Naturally, Rita and her husband was worried about their son's life. They were worried if he was sick and if he had any chance of short life. But the doctor examined him and said that he was perfectly healthy.

The parents had no complain and they accepted their baby. It didn't matter how he looked. But when they got home, Rita grew depressed. She was a famous model and also a blogger with millions of followers in social media. People saw her photos during the pregnancy. Now they all asked for a picture of the baby. She was afraid and was worried.

She told everything to her husband and sought his support. She told him that she was not ashamed of their baby. She just wanted to protect him from that cruel world. Her husband heard everything and told her to just follow her heart. 

Rita was not ready to share everything about the son. She knew if she continued her blog, people would continuously ask her to show the baby. So, she disappeared from social medial for over a year. All that time, Rita, her husband and her baby stayed away from everyone. They were having a great home time in a world of love and care. 

But Rita thought sooner or later Johnny would still have to face the real world. So she didn't want her son to stay away anymore and made a bold decision. Soon, she took a photo that completely showed Johnny's body with his giant birthmark. Then she posted it on her page with a caption "I will be always by your side, my son" And the result was inspiring. She didn't expect such a wave of support from people all over the world. 

However, in real life it was not easy for them. People always have a negative impression for the baby boy. They asked if her son was dirty or ill. And every time she had to explain that he was completely healthy, it was just a birthmark. But against all odds, Johnny grew up to be a smert and curious child. Most of all, he loved to swim. When he swam, it made him very happy. 

Rita also noticed it and so admitted him to swimming course. But the very first training turned out to be a disaster. The parents of other children were not expecting a boy like Johnny. They asked the course if he was contagious. They said many negative words about the boy and told the coach that they didn't want their children swimming in the same pool with him. The coach was kind hearted and told them to calm down. He assumed them that it was just a birthmark. 

But the parents were not listening to him and didn't want Johnny to to the class with their kids and wrote a complaint. The coach reacted harshly to that insulting letter. He said, "Shame on you. Johnny will still attend the class." But the evil parents didn't want to lose their petition. So, they refused to visit the pool all except Leslie and her son, Tom. 

Leslie asked other parents how they could be so mean to that little boy. She added that his birthmark was not his fault. Tom went to Johnny and said that he would swim with him. He also suggested that they would be friends. 

But soon after that, the pool director called the coach and Rita to his room. He got the complaint this time and said to them that they would break if they didn't have any visitors. Rita said that she was sorry but her son would swim there anyway. She added that for him she would go all the way and would not give up. The director however, offered an individual session after the group session. Rita was happy to accept that.

And Leslie and her son, Tom willingly joined Johnny and Rita. Soon the boys became not only best friends but also the best swimmers in their age category. The coach one day, told them that they were a great team and asked it they would like to try synchronized driving. They replied that they would love to. 

The diligent training and parental support paid off and soon Johnny and Tom became state synchronized driving champion. Rita and Leslie always saw their victory from the gallery and they were very proud of their sons. 10 years later, the Johnny and Tom's duo won an Olympic gold medal. When the medal was giving, Johnny said that as everyone can see he was a pretty special guy, and he wanted to dedicate that victory to a very special person in his life as well - his mom. She always believed in him. He told everyone to support their children no matter what.

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Written by   71
1 month ago
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