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Stories made by Covid-19

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6 months ago

I was scrolling down on facebook and suddenly saw a post from Dr. Asaduzzaman Nur. He is working full time in the service of covid-19 affected patients in DMC. He mentioned this true stories to make the people conscious. He wrote:

Bed number 3: The eldest daughter is a joint secretary in the ministry and the latest daughter is the MD of a private farm. Their mother is in life support for last 5 days. In the day time Ms. MD stays with her mother and at night the eldest daughter stays. When I met the eldest daughter (joint secretary) she asked smiley, "In which batch were you in BCS?" Her smile was hidden within the mask but the indifferent eyes were clearly be seen. She asks her mother's update every time, sometimes she says herself we also know that my mother's condition is not good at all.

Bed number 4: A brother who has completed his graduation on Anesthesia admitted his mother in the hospital. Saturation couldn't be maintained even by giving 80 liter/minute oxygen. There's no option without taking in life support. An intubation specialist son had to silently watch his mother going to the life support. The brother was standing speechless.

Bed number 07: An woman of 28 years old has been admitted. Her condition isn't good enough so a high flow of oxygen was provided. From her husband I could know that they both had studied in the renowned university of the country. At 1:00 am he came and said her pregnancy strip test was positive. They were in love for 5 years and started marriage life for 3 years. In these days he only had to think about his wife. Now the strip test has added new tensions. By this time, the woman is getting high power antibiotics, steroids and antivirals. I am not brave enough to look at her husband's face.

Bed number 08: It's 4:00 am. The freedom fighter uncle's saturation is falling continuously. The two ward boys are doing physiotherapy and looking at me. If the saturation raise once, it falls twice. Not that uncle, we were defeated. On the death certificate we wrote down in capital words 'FREEDOM FIGHTER'.

These stories are true. Dr. Nur has witnessed this all with his own eyes. This also can be happened with us unless we be proper conscious and careful.

Stay safe!

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Written by   64
6 months ago
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