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First time when I held his hands❤

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5 months ago
Topics: Experience

I still can remember that day when I met my love. It was 9th June, 2017. We have a long distance relationship. So, when we met we were actually in relationship. After 1 month of this we finally were in the same city and consequently we decided to meet.

The day came. I was in hurry for this. I were in tensed what to wear, how to talk and most remarkably how will he be looking. I just saw him in picture before, didn't see him on video. These all made me excited too. We decided to meet in the morning and then I would have my class. Accordingly he came and for the first and last time I were the first to reach the destination. Although we were in the same city he had to travel for 2 hours to reach my place. That maybe the reason for his being late. By the way I didn't mind!

There was an over bridge where we wish to met first. I was there and waiting for him. I was standing by its side. I was waiting and waiting that seemed 15 to 30 minutes to me. But in actual it was 5 to 10 minutes 🙄. All on a sudden I saw someone is walking forward on the bridge wearing a white t shirt. Yes it was him! But there was a lot of crowd so he couldn't recognize me. When he stepped down and was looking for me, I hid myself in his back side and was calling him by his name. He at once turned around and his first words were like, "You're too little". (😐) (But later we found that I am 10 months older than him 😁) We got on a rickshaw for a smooth journey. Suddenly I noticed his teeth and without any hesitation I said, "You haven't brush today morning? Why your teeth looks reddish?" (revenge 😉) He became ashamed but didn't expressed. Only said that he has drank mirinda just before a while. Okh! no matter.

He gave me a red rose then. The another reason he got late because of searching for this. I have preserve that rose till today and wish to have this always. Sometimes I see the rose and try to smell it. (But it's gone so I have to use perfume to return it😅) Later I asked him to buy me roses 😁 but he never did😪.

We were heading to a beautiful place. But on the way we could know that there is running a road construction work. So, we turned back. 😪

On the way he made a prank on me. It was not good at all. He said that he loves another girl named niha (😡) He's going to leave me for her and that's why to confess everything on this meet. I was numb for a while. Really? So, what should I do now? I was not talking with him anymore and then he got it that his prank worked successfully .🤐 Then he told everything. 🤨

There's another thing to tell. We got off the rickshaw and needed to pay the puller. But he didn't have any small currencies. Then he had to made them by exchanging with a beggar.🤔 I wasn't helping him. Actually all this time I was looking at the beautiful cards on a shop display😍 Now he asks me why didn't I help him? 😁

At the returning time, I was on my way to my class. He asked me how would be our relationship? Will it be like before or not? I told him of course not. He stopped walking and became so sad😐. When I said it will be better than before then he pacified and relaxed.

He took me to my class and then we said goodbye. It was maybe 1 and a half hour meet. But if I remember this ever I wish to get back my those 1 and a half hour for each and every time.

So, it was my story and we twos are still making lots of stories every day. ❤

Thanks to @Read.Cash community for making this beautiful platform.💛

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Written by   56
5 months ago
Topics: Experience
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