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Press Conference

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5 months ago

"Suarez is, and has been in recent years, an important player,"

"As I said in another appearance, we have to have a lot of respect for the players who have given so much to Barcelona."

"It is evident after what happened at the end of the season that we are in a process of changing, with a new coach and new ideas and we are working on that."

"We have to respect the players and their contracts."

"The market ends on October 5 and until then many things can happen."

"But with the utmost respect towards the players and the club."

On the point of arrival of a striker does not depend on Suarez's potential departure- "The technical department have been working for months on improving the team, on looking for players for the new era and for what we are building,"

"We're looking for that mix of experience and quality, because not everyone can play here."

"Barcelona always have to aspire to have the best and we are working on that every day."

About Barcelona is in search of a centre-back to strengthen defence- "It is true that we have the idea of looking for a player to help us in the defensive zone,"

"Eric (Garcia) is a good player, he is from our academy."

"But he is one of so many that we are checking and that we will see if we can incorporate."

"I believe that it is a difficult market and we have the very clear idea of creating a young team, with enthusiasm and with players who have given us so much."

"We are looking for a squad for the future, with quality and able to give us a lot in the future."

"Eric fulfils this profile, just like others who have not left."

Barcelona technical secretary Ramon Planes answered several questions about the club's transfer planning during official presentation of Miralem Pjanic.


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Written by   45
5 months ago
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Very useful and important news you share by your article. This press conference are beneficial for all players. Keep it up. May god bless you.

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5 months ago