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Does Success Means Just Making Money !

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5 months ago

Today I am writing to after long time. I couldn't come to because of some personal problems. I missed a lot these days. Hope Everyone Well by Almighty God

These days, I am running to get success that's means running for earning money. At first, I understood success mean earning a lot of money. But no, Money's is not necessary for success in all cases. Money doesn't always bring happiness m I have realized that very well in these days.

So, the topic of today's writing that Does Success means earning money !

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From a very general point of view we mean 'success' as earning a lot of money and becoming financially rich. But think a little deeper! Does 'success' mean only this financial fulfillment? This assumption is completely wrong. Success is something that brings you unimaginable happiness and unimaginable joy in everyday work.

Indeed, 'success' can be defined in many ways. Because everyone's perspective of success is different. Basically, whenever you don't enjoy working, you'll think you're far from successful. 'Success' is like an open window covered with absolute happiness.

A person who does not have wealth can never be successful in the eyes of society. Society does not care whether that person is educated or uneducated. Wealth is the number one measure of success in our society.

You can identify yourself as a successful person only when you start thinking of yourself as a complete happy person. I think you are a successful person. You have a lot of wealth. But you have no happiness, no opportunity to live as you want. Your wealth does not let you sleep. So are you successful? What can be successful without happiness in life?

Let's tell a story, the story is about a bank manager's own experience.

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A new branch of a popular bank will be inaugurated. Everyone including the manager of that branch is present in the area. The richest person who started the branch with the most money is also present. Big cakes, sweets, nimki and other delicious food were being served as tea and snacks in the entertainment. Almost all the guests were happily eating everything.

Only one did not eat anything and stared blankly at the scenes of everyone eating and drinking. That person is none other than the person who will be opening the branch by depositing the bulk of the money in the bank. When asked why he did not eat, he only said in a regretful tone, 'He really wants to eat, but the doctor has forbidden it.' He is diabetic, so even if he wants to, he cannot eat as much as he wants.

Yes, he has a lot of money. Is he still happy? Happiness is the name of fulfillment of needs. One of which is favorite food. In this case the answer would be, he is not happy.

There are many rich people who cannot sleep without taking sleeping pills. Thieves do not find peace even if they keep a doorman at home for fear of robbers. But you see a day laborer or a rickshaw puller, he eats what he gets after working all day and sleeps and takes notice of everyone. There is also an interesting flip side to this. If you ask that day laborer to find a happy person, he will point his fingers not at himself but at the owner of the palace. But the poor man does not know that the man in the palace is not good either. The world is surrounded by such colorful mysteries.

The sages say, 'Don't let the demand rise too high. If the income meets or comes close to the demand, then you are happy. And if you put the demand too high, if the achievement is too low, then you will never be happy.'

What do successful people actually do ?

Famous American actor, comedian, dancer, musician and songwriter Eddie Cantor said, "It takes at least 20 years to become an overnight success." Successful people look at every aspect of life in a positive way.

Successful people are learning in every aspect of life. They learn by reading books, by socializing with people and even by making mistakes. And it is definitely not possible to learn so much in one day. Dear reader, do you know what makes successful people work tirelessly to succeed in life? The answer is 'passion'.

When you know what your passion in life is you will find your field of tireless work. The famous poet Richard ST John said, 'Success is not a one-way street but a continuous journey.' So a person's first task should be to find out what they are good at or what they enjoy and keep learning about it until they find the true definition of success. .

What is the next step after finding 'passion'?

Nobel-winning American poet, songwriter, singer, painter and author Bob Dylan said, 'A man is successful when he wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep at night doing the things he loves to do.' Along with finding his passion in life. One's battle to succeed does not end but begins.

Whenever you find your life's passion, you should work towards uncovering its inner mystery. The further you work, the further away you will be from your current status to success. You will feel an immense joy as you continue on this path and at some point you will be close to success.

But always remember one thing that the success that comes in your life suddenly can also leave your life suddenly. Its durability never lasts long.

How is 'success' to successful people?

Every successful person we have found in the world till date thinks that 'success' is not a synonym for making money. The definition of success is completely different for them. Their main thing in life cycle is to show the world the light of the dreams cherished inside. And for that goal, he did the work of the path with joy. In return, he received 'success' as a reward.

So we should not just run after money and fulfill our dreams by working hard. We should take care that the main thing of dreams is not to earn money. The main goal of success will be to be a good person in the eyes of the society, to be an honest and devoted person. Only then happiness will come and knock on the door.

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Written by   268
5 months ago
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