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Written by Ā Ā 265
9 months ago

A poem written by a young African who was nominated as the best poem of 2005.

When I was born, I was black;

When I grew up, I was black.

When I am in the heat of the sun,

I'm black;

When Iā€™m sick, Iā€™m black.

When I'm dead,

I'm black.

And you're a white companion,

When you are born,

You're pink;

When you grow up,

You are white

When you are in the heat of the sun,

You are red

When you are in cold weather,

You blue

When you're scared,

You are yellow.

When you're sick

You are green;

And when you're dead,

You are gray.

And tell me if you are colored.

(The name of the poet is color)

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