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Sad love story

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2 months ago

One day I thought it would be impossible for me to survive a moment without you. But look, you are not here today, but I am still alive, you were the oxygen of my life. And now perhaps the most hateful thing is to me that now I have received the title of dishonest and selfish pain I have given you trouble, so I have received the punishment. In fact, no one in the world ever understands anyone's sorrow ,,,,, so you never understood me..6

And that is where I was able to give you the status of love..but no one will ever be able to occupy your place .. I will love you .. ❣️

You say I hurt you, but you also know that I loved you more than Budd, I still love you like before. That was never a drama, not now. You have suffered a little less than I have suffered, but I have not

And yes, you are on the block list, but even if you have a block list, you still remember

And at night pillow is still wet for you, but listening to your voice with a call is no more

Whenever I have a chance at night, I look at the open sky and explain to myself what has happened in the distance. We are both under the same sky.

Maybe we will see in this life or in the next life, waiting for u

In the end, I will say only one thing, be good dear..8

The phone number is still memorized, only the rights are not dear

I want to get that right back, dear. It's really hard to live without you

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