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Life story

Life is the name of a picture drawn in pencil, no part of which can be erased with rubber.

Guys don't even know when they're really in love ....

Girls don't even know when they start acting to live in true love.

Annoyingly Libran - always rational, easily hurt emotionally, very passionate and maybe a little too intense. Fraud is the only interesting character in the world.

Love is only from seeing and looking good, love is from anger, love is from hatred, love is from humiliation, even love is from shame. Love is actually hidden in every chromosome of humankind. He woke up as soon as he got a chance.

Sit next to a beautiful, attractive lady for 2 hours, you will see time has flown away !! Now walk for 2 minutes in the middle of summer heat, it will feel like you are walking for eternity !!

I have always opposed testing. Exams kill students' curiosity. In no way should more than two exams be given in the life of a student. I used to organize seminars for the students. If the students listened attentively, I would give them a diploma.

Unfortunate are those who do not have real friends.

The amount of money you have in your bank when you die is the amount of money that you have earned by working overtime.

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