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My daughter (Story)

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6 months ago

Since my husband died, I have been living in my brother's house for about five and a half years now. Not only am I alone but I also have a daughter.

I am always on special alert so that my brother or sister-in-law can never say anything. Tao huthat became a little careless. For which I am ready to hear some harsh words from Bhabhi but I will never let my daughter get involved in all this.

My daughter has grown up well now, in 10th grade. Only a girl can understand the cost of a girl. Excluding incidental expenses, it is a lot of money to cover the cost of education. Which many times when I go to ask my brother to see the face of the future.

I can't change the school I used to teach my daughter when she was my husband or the way she used to walk. Maybe I have adapted but the way my daughter wanted to dress or eat when she was a father is not the same today. And I don't want my daughter to suffer. I am willing to suffer if necessary.

After my parents died, I never felt at home in this house. It felt like someone else's home. Although the brother sometimes meant -

োর Your sister-in-law will say that a little bit, if you listen to them, will it work? You live in your home, there is nothing wrong with you being small. As long as I'm here, you and Hiya can stay at home without hesitation.

Let these words of the brother make me even weaker. I can't be tough. Sometimes I wonder why it happened to me. My pain is even greater when my brother caresses his daughter in front of me. Seeing that, I can understand that my daughter is in pain, but there is nothing to do.

A few days ago, Bhabhi said in words -

~ You should get married this time. How long will my husband drag you and your daughter? He has no family of his own. The cost of your daughter, father! At least if you get married, my husband will save you from running your expenses!

How can I explain that I am not agreeing to another marriage just for the sake of my daughter's happiness? Now it's not just her father, if I leave, my daughter will be destitute. No one wants to understand these things. Yet with much difficulty I refrain from a second marriage.

Not long ago, Bhabhi told me these words and I started looking for a pot for my daughter. I'm surprised. I can't get married, so I decided to marry my daughter. There are so many things because I live in their house. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. I will stay somewhere else with a small house. I will start sewing or craft work.

As soon as I thought, I got everything ready in two months. I had some gold jewelry, sold it, bought a small house, and bought a sewing machine. None of this I said to my brother. He never once told me why you should leave your home or what happened.

I also said nothing more. The brother gave some money to start the craft work. I wanted to return them but my brother did not take them.

I was very happy to see Bhabhi when I left. Talking very nicely. And kissing Hiya repeatedly. Which is my first chance to see. I told everyone to keep praying so that we can move forward.

It's been fifteen days since I moved into my new home. It is difficult to adapt to everything now. My daughter is not able to adapt at all. Still, with great difficulty I am trying to adapt. I started making clothes with sewing machine. The order of clothes is getting better day by day.

I hurriedly remembered that my daughter could do crafting well and so did I. So what if two people start an online business together. From then on, it took about three and a half months to start an online business. But by the grace of God, I hope to be able to run my business well.

My daughter's pain is a little less now. Bhabhi doesn't have to face any of these harsh words, talking with black eyes or looking down on her. I understand that my brother sees me from time to time but he does not come of his own free will.

I told my brother that I would pay back all the expenses for so many years but my brother did not agree. I still often give some money to Bhabhi.

Maybe I won't be able to stay with my daughter for long but I will stay as long as I can. I will not even bring a second marriage. My daughter also sometimes says let's marry you mom. I smile and say now is the time for your mother.

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Written by   14
6 months ago
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