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5 months ago

Suddenly I felt zero. I felt as if I was flying in the sky. But suddenly I realized that someone was touching my waist. But that touch is not a bad touch. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the blue court. I looked a little higher and saw my hand on his shoulder. On his lap. It means he is walking with me on his lap. But what happened to him? I closed my eyes as soon as I got up with my head dizzy. That means then Adrat came and grabbed me and took me in his lap.

Adratah: Are you all right? The bleeding must stop soon.

A servant came and went with the first aid box. He gently applied cotton with the welcome hexisol and pressed it on my forehead. I felt as if he had cut it with salt. I got irritated and screamed.

Adratahsari Jannat sorry. Please let me apply medicine. It will burn first.

Saying this, he blows on my forehead and keeps on taking medicine. I looked at the man. There are thoughts and tears in his eyes. It is as if he has gone mad seeing blood. Everyone is there but no one is doing that. Does he still love me like before? What is the reason for this? He gently bandaged my forehead and knelt in front of me and asked,

What happened to paradise there? How did you get hit in the forehead?

That means the boy doesn't know what happened.

Adratahjannat you did not say how the pain?

Me: (I say what is true again. And besides, there is nothing wrong with me and if you find out after being welcomed, you will have a lot of trouble. So I said everything that is true from the beginning to the end. Everyone listened to me and looked at Araf.)

Araf: Bro Trust is lying about this. He came to talk to me but I didn't pay attention. Then I pushed him because he was holding my hand. All these street girls are polite at the end of the day. ...

Adrat got up and slapped Araf twice in a row. Grandmother and Laila came and stood beside me. Araf is holding his cheek and looking down. Araf looked at Adrat and said:

Araf: Bro, you're for this street girl ....

Do you know who you call a street girl? Do you have any idea who she is?

This time Araf ignored the couple and said: No matter who he is, at least he is not polite. If he was polite, he would not have stayed with you in this house day after day. Don't forget, I am by your side. I have noticed for a long time that this girl stays in your house day and night.

I'm crying. What can I say? Everybody thinks I'm bad now.

Adratah oh stay in my house for a month and that's a bad girl right?

Araf: Exactly. (Looking at me with a contemptuous smile)

Adratah, then your sister is worse than Jannat because Jannat stays at my house for a month. And Arisha stays at your friend's house for one more year. She studies there.

Araf grabbed Adrat's collar and roared, "If you say anything bad about my sister, I will kill you here."

Adrat took off his collar. One side is curled. He took it right and said,

Adrat: Why would he kill his own family and then ignore the other's daughter. Your sister is polite if your friend's house is polite and my girlfriend is rude if my house is my wife's brother. E became violent, unrestrained. Wow this is man, this is mentality.

This time Laila stepped forward and said,

Layla: Leave it, they are cherished. It is natural for them.

Adrat: Party is over guys. Sorry for all this drama.

Adrat came to me and took me in his arms again. I grabbed his neck and suddenly took him in my arms. He looked at Adrat's face this time. I have never seen him so angry. He replied nicely to Araf. This man has a little more intelligence. Adrat. He came to my room and laid me on my bed and said,

Adratah lie down for 10 minutes, then get up, change something, eat something and fall asleep.

In the meantime, Laila and Dadi came out.

Laila: Are you all right now? (Sitting next to me. The girl is very good. I don't know why she looked like that at first)

I: Yes, I'm fine now. Only the forehead is a mild pain.

Laila: I went to Kate, there will be pain. But you won't get in trouble with Araf's words. There may be people in my friend's house. I also came here from Sweden and I was here when the house work was going on

Me: Oh you live in Sweden?

Laila: No, I have a husband.

Me: Are you married?

Laila: Yes, why? (Curious)

Me: (Alas, what can I say now that I thought he liked Adrat. I thought this is why I always understand so much) Nah, I didn't really know that.

Laila: Oh. I will bring my husband to introduce such a talented girl like you. Then get acquainted.

I: Yes, of course.

Laila: I come now. And you take care of yourself.

Grandma: How can you go alone so late at night? Tell Adrat to come with you.

Laila: She doesn't need anything. Grandma. I have a driver.

Laila left. She is a very good person. Grandmother brought a dress from Kabard and asked her to change.

There is silence all over the house every day but today the silence is a bit more. The call of the swarming insects is floating through the fire. I looked at the fire and saw the curtains flying randomly. The big tree in front of the room. Thousands of different birds are sitting in the fair in the morning. Everyone seems to come here to meet me for a moment. Sometimes they fly from one branch to another, sometimes they get up from the branch and come to their destination without flying. Adrat never came back. His big party was ruined for me. But he did not do as much for me today as a friend, maybe because he loved me once. Otherwise, he did it because he still loves me. I am very happy. When I go away, I miss him badly. The feeling for him is slowly changing. If there is no love for him in my mind, hasn't love started to make any home? The feeling of being around him is different. Hate is the thing that comes. I hate love very much now. Rayhan was going to be 3 months but didn't look for it.

After 2 months. Now my stomach is slightly bigger. I have checked. Baby is fine and there is no problem. But lack of blood on my body is a problem. I am sitting in the room doing some design work. He is mine now. I talk to him a lot every day. He also talks a lot. He is in the office now. So I am working. Otherwise I will get bored. I am working from home now. I will leave home. But now I think I could stay here. But then I think again with conscience. I have to tell Adrat to get married before I go. In the meantime I hear the sound coming from below. I come down from the bed and see Grandma crying a lot. I am very worried. I don't understand.

I: Grandma, what happened? Is everything alright?

Grandma: There is nothing wrong with Dadubhai's accident. Now he is in the hospital. I am going.

Listening to everything, it seemed as if the ground was slowly moving from under my feet. Adrat is fine, Toh.

I: Grandma, I will go too.

Grandma: You are sick.

I: No, I will get sicker if I have a healthy home.

Grandmother: Well, I.

Grandma tells me you do it now.

Arriving at the hospital, I went to the room where the receptionist comes. As soon as I entered the room, I was startled.

Adratah, why did you come here in this condition?

Grandma: I brought her. Tell me first, are you all right?

Humility: I'm fine with this guy (showing the guy in front).

Grandma: Who is she?

Adratah who brought me to the hospital. I forgot to ask your name.

Before he could say his name, his grandmother went in front of him and put her hand on his head and said,

Grandma: Thank you very much, Grandpa.

I also stood in front of the person with a smile on my face. But when I saw the person, I lost both my senses and my smile. That person also looked at me as if he had seen a ghost. I said in a muffled voice,

Me: You .........

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Written by 14
5 months ago
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