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Money lesson i learned in handling small business.

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3 months ago

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I'm not an accounting, finance or entrepreneur graduate. I don't even consider myself as a big time entrepreneur, I'm not there yet.

I'm just a small business owner trying to pursue my dreams, go after my goal, and learn everything from the scratch, and build everything from the ground up.

While most of you are still thinking whether or not to pursue online business as a side hustle, let me share to you what I have learned so far (in terms of money) in running small businesses.


✅ Your business finance is not yours (It's yours to keep but not yours to spend)

Akala ko dati, kapag kumita na yung business, lahat ng kita non ay sakin na. Pwede mo ng kunin lahat or kaya gastusin. BUT NO! This is actually one of the biggest misconceptions in business.

When you are starting, you have to treat yourself as an employee. Papasahuran mo lang yung sarili mo kapag nag uumpisa ka pa lang talaga. Hindi yung 100% ng kita ay kukunin mo na.

Until now, I only earn 10 to 15% from my small businesses. The rest goes to the business itself, either ops, investments, pambili ng stocks, etc.

By doing this, you can rollover the profit and make your business not just profitable but sustainable.

PS. Kaya hindi rin advisable habang nag start ka na magdepend lang sa business to sustain your living. Mahalaga may side hustle ka pa rin for added cash flow. Maliban na lang siguro kung big time na yung business mo and you have enough money in your bank account. And you only support yourself, then it might work for you.

Pero kung provider ka, I suggest, do this side by side with your work or side hustle.

✅ Business needs emergency funds too.

Oh, gulat ka no? Yes, just like us, our business needs emergency funds too that is allocated for unforseen circumstances that may affect our business.

Let's say biglang bumagyo, nasira mga products mo, pwede mo bang irason sa mga clients mo na ay bumagyo kasi, sana magets niyo. Wala kaming madededeliver na product sa inyo.

Nope! It doesn't work that way.

Kaya build your emergency funds. Your emergency funds will save you. Whether business or personal finance.

✅ Just because you earn more, doesn't mean you should spend more.

Sa business, hindi palaging pasko. So while you are earning more than enough, learn to save and invest and make that extra money work for you again.

Hindi dahil kumita na ng malaki laki yung business hala sige gastos ka din. Keep your expenses on its level kahit na lumaki pa yung kita mo.

Huwag excited mag add ng gastos agad, pag isipan muna if it will bring ROI. Kung di pa naman kailangan yang materials or equipment na yan, pag isipan mo muna.

If it will make you more efficient, go.

Pero kung nagandahan ka lang, or feeling mo lang na mag level up, don't. Pag aralan mo muna.

✅ Monitor everything. Including small expenses.

"Okay lang maliit lang naman?" Nope. That small amount that you chose not to monitor will hurt you so much more one day.

✅ Always separate your personal finance with your business finance.

Again, your business finance is not yours to spend for personal matters. Paki ng business mo sa skin care mo? Business expenses ba yan?

And most importantly,

✅ Invest only what you can afford to lose.

Business is considered a high risk form of investment so spend and invest only what you can afford to lose. Kung di mo kayang mawalan ng 100k, then don't go for it. Just start small.

Nung nagsttart kami, the best amount we can afford to lose is 5k. But we started for 500php, hanggang sa pinalago lang ng pinalago. Nalugi din kami because of wrong decisions. But we rise above it and learned from it.

Basta ang mahalaga, consistent ka. Huwag mo sukuan basta basta.


Disclaimer: I may not be the best entrepreneur with a big time business, pero what I have said here are the most authentic lessons I have learned all throughout my journey. 🤗

Oo mahalaga Ang pangarap pero mas mahalaga ka.

Of course, what is the point of achieving all of these dreams if you will lose yourself in the process?

Nakuha mo nga yung pinapangarap mong bahay, pero yung dating generous at mapagbigay na ikaw ngayon ay madamot na.

Nakuha mo nga yung pangarap mong promotion, pero yung sarili mong pamilya hindi ka na kilala.

Naging highest honor ka nga sa batch niyo, pero lahat naman ng kabatchmates mo ayaw na sayo.

Naachieve mo nga yung pinapangarap mo, pero ikaw mismo hindi mo kilala ang sarili mo.

Naging sikat ka nga, pero nakalimutan mo na kung sino ka.

Of course, there are things that we lose in the process.

We lose some friends. We lose the fun memories.

We might even lose the things or people that we love because of the situations we can't control.

But you know what you should never lose?


You should never ever trade who you are just to get what you want. Kasi anong sense na nakuha mo nga yung pangarap mo but you lose yourself in the process? Pagdating mo naman sa finish line e hindi mo na kilala ang sarili mo?

That is why it is always important to check your heart and ask yourself these questions:

"Ito bang gagawin ko na 'to ay naaayon sa kung sino ako, sa mga paniniwala at values na meron ako?"

"Magiging totoo pa rin ba ako sa sarili ko kapag sinubukan kong gawin or abutin 'to?"

"Is this true and aligned to who I am and who I am becoming, or pinaplastic or niloloko ko na lang sarili ko para masabi lang ng mundo na nakuha ko yung gusto ko?"

Yes, I agree it is really important to get into your dreams. To get into the finish line. To focus your eyes on the prize.

But if you'll lose yourself just to get there.

Will it still be worth it?

Always keep on your mind.

May we always be guided by the truth and facts and by the intentions and sincerity of all the aspiring leaders of our nations. Take your time to get to know each of them before making your final decisions. Your vote matters.And yep, this battle is an endless battle of prayers and discernment for our leaders and for our nation, too. Let's fight this battle with prayers and wisdom. 🙏 Most of the things that we were able to achieve is not because we are talented or smart or rich, but because we chose to believe that we can.Same goes with all the things we didn't get or achieve, it is because we chose to believe that we can't. So whether you believe you can or you can't, you are right. 💯

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Written by   14
3 months ago
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While as I was reading this article, I think about my business plan. Hi! I'm caris, a marketing student who accidentally landed in a crypto world. There are some points sa mga reminders mo na naging wake-up call sakin bigla. Yung eagerness ko sa pag build ng business ko yung naging dahilan why I discovered this platform, yung paunti-unting pag grow and yung savings na nillaan ko talaga na masiyado ako nag focus na nakalimutan ko na yung ibang priorities ko and especially yung health ko na din.Thanks for this, along the way, medyo nawawala na nga ako sa kung sino ba talaga ko, thank you sa paalala, idk if it is because of your article pero tinamaan talaga ako sa part na "Oo, mahalaga ang pangarap mo pero mas mahalaga ka"

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3 months ago

Thankyou so much ma'am salamat at may nakaappreciate ng article ko, minsan talaga nakakalimutan na natin sarili natin basta makuha Lang natin lahat ng gusto natin. Palagi mo lang tatandaan na anuman ang mangyari andito lang ako sa tabi mo.

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