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Woke up today screening at the market for dropping even lower than I expected.... "Yeah it's more opportunities to buy" that's my scream. Now with over 8000 cryptocurrencies its just amazing time to be in the market and part of history making. Like I like to think that the more resistance around crypto, the more crypto grows and becomes stronger. Predictions has it that the decentralised Cryptoworld is barely 1% into full effect, there is just so much room for growth that cryptos and blockchain might be the answer to it all.

The price drops expected from the weekend are indicative of the sellers week starters who will be here until round about Thursday then the bulls start of the weekend buys to drop again and the cycle continues on and on... The wonderful thing about this cycles is that it's upwards and only backwards for corrections. Almost like life, we do a retrospect for corrections but the progress and the future cakes are ahead of us not behind us.


There's three types of income, most people know of only two that's the earned and passive income. Well there's a third one which is the portfolio income, which is becoming more popular by the day. The observations show that portfolio incomes are slowly taking over by the margins because the masses are waking up and realising that we create the messes we complain about so.....

"Nothing matters more than that I feel good"


So let's start with the earned income

This one right here is the headache the migraines the reason people would give the impression that they are doing well financially but are indeed suffering more than anything. This is the 9-5, the so called rat race simply because most of these are not woke, well at least a while ago. These brought the world as we know it today to life. Everyone wants to be boss now but it's not bosses who build this world, the plumbers, electricians mechanics, aviations professional, the military and navy personnels, the medical professionals all fall into this one. Anyone waking up to go to do something and waiting for someone else to pay them for their work or energy output gets the earned income. The earned income is also the most taxed. It is also mostly done for survival purposes, if only they knew to push just a little bit longer instead of locking themselves into this one but thats ok because at the end of the day we are all fitting components to this thing called life the best gift to time.

These earning income gainers are the celebrated heroes, why? Because they are really the ones running the world, the rest just live and chill in the world. We want to travel and have a good time like we will fly the planes ourselves or even attempt to design or build it. We all want to be bosses because the boss is on top, appears to be the mastermind but it's merely a position, any one pond can navigate the chess board through to become a queen a rule the board it's not a miracle, anyone can do it. But why dont we? Is it because we box ourselves into corners of self preservation these days ? So much barricading because we don't want to get hurt? Well that seem like the real doings of these days but it still remains that someone has to drive the van or shuttle that will pick you up and someone has to make sure the WiFi works from the other end plus someone has to pack the food you gloriously go buy in you PJ's while still on your phone surrounded by the very things that if no-one was working them into lighting your day you'd be in darkness. Its much appreciation needed for those office workers working overtime to make sure that your life is smooth and effortless, they got fibre running across the ocean floor, imagine what that takes, the effort and how much it takes to actually pay the work done.

These are our veterans that don't get much but a retirement package. Celebrated heroes that are hated on every once in a while because they do what people don't really want to do but it's crucial for the operations of the world. There's no denying that these 9-5rs are the backbone of the operations. Like your many cells in every organ systems they are so important they cannot be neglected, any neglect results in major consequences that we pay for dearly.

So what's the best way to better the lives of the 9-5rs? They might need to dream bigger out of the spending bubble because being on the earning income tip makes a narrow saving gap. You'd get 700 per month and you can barely save 50 which in a few months you'd need to spend. Why? Because your absence means you are busy, and you are actually busy when you are away from home/family so upon return with the knowledge that you went to work and you hold prestige in your work it will be inevitable that what you earn you'd want to feed it into your family unless you are miserable or cursed to the bottle which is the best half of the 9-5rs. In truth it's a really easy loop to break out of but just like the elephants held in place by a thread because they couldn't break out as a young elephant so they are psychologically held in bondages, this is the same for most 9-5rs. Once in a while but more rapidly recently, more and more 9-5rs are busting it. The brain. Busting the brain not only to save because saving is an insult these days as the bank's eat away at you money and trade with it so you are forced to actually put in hundred times more than you started saving with. The 9-5rs are diversifying all while maintaining a good 9-5. Showing us that if you can dream it you can achieve it, just feel good and no 9-5r feels good about having a boss really, maybe they just got used to the wings of protection who knows.

So what do they do as they bust it? The brain?

That's where the passive and portfolio income comes in.

With the portfolio income come a bit of relieve, this was just for the big bosses back in the days. No one knew about the more ways of earning other than the actual work you'd need to do for someone to pay you. That's the rawest way to gain your numbers too but it's so slow because then the bosses always get the bigger cut than the whole workforce put together. The world did go on with this for quite a while, all along since the batter system evolved into trading more especially on the silk road as merchants walked the desserts with their camels to deliver glass, saffron, fine purple linen, watches and clocks amongst other merch they sold for absurd prices, those days it was considered selling but rather trading. It became selling much later on. It was observed close to the energy exchange and not the object exchange.

As the evolution raged on past Carl Marx's industrial Revolution which ignited the love for 9-5s there came more ways to ease the pressures on the physical work put in but still the principles stayed the same that to get more one needed to bust it, bust the brains. As more industries popped up and more lavish living was needed People saw more opportunities in the finer parts of life where they don't have to bust it that hard to get what they want so they set up shop and gained with less pressure. This had freed much time for people to sit down and talk about things when they had the free time they created. This resulted in people getting the ideas of setting up portfolios which came from the many board meetings and companies balance sheets. The bigger bosses saw that they could build their wealth with more security and so much less tax through portfolios. For the longest time the portfolio income was hidden from the masses only the top bosses knew about it. It was like a graduation certificate that one only got when they graduated, which is fair because we as a collective believed that we need to work hard and 5-10 years before we retire we discover this key to wealth. This went on for as far back as we can remember.

How did this come to the mainstream? Or maybe it's still not mainstream but the mind is more fluid than we'd like to believe. Because of this fluidity, it's easy to collectively bring things into existence like wars or prosperity. Everything starts at the mind thought level so to say that people just sweat 9-5 cos thats where they ended up is nowhere near the truth. The truth to this is that every single jiffy carries a test of character that will divert ones attention from what they really want so that by the time they turn their attention back to their desires, they are already chained up by the many tests they failed so they'll need someone to bail them out or they crush the chains which takes them some time. But as of late, there's been a twerk in the revolution of the mind, please note that it's not the evolution of the mind because the mind nolonger needs to evolve maybe a bit but it's a lot about letting go. All these tests that divert our attention need to go, not by force just with ease. Now this is easier on the personal level by feeling good and knowing that nothing matters more than that I feel good. This immediately let's the chains loose, the only thing that will bring the chains back is repeating everything we did to chain us up but eventually we learn from our chains and we get woke.

So is this where super earning come in? Well no, earning come with the 9-5 and other pay jobs, after this comes income and gains. With less effort but more collective consciousness allowing, which is mainstream these days. The collective, after years of fondling with books and the internet of things to find even easier ways to gain means to an easier life, we have started to succeed. This is largely because of the collective energies that know that what we earn or gain is not tired to our actions because our actions are far more worth than any compensation. So an exchange of energies started taking place, where we started exchanging our insights and sharing each other to gain and benefit each others ways of living. Breaching all streotypical boundaries and eventually getting the bosses to share the secrets by more than hiding it between the pages. Once it came out we just started morphing and learning and earning leaning towards that which we love and creating ways for us to thrive in our own tribes that we make self sustaining although this is still the start of the blueprint it's working and the portfolios are filled with much abudance. What seemed like a secret for the few or locked only into the spiritual realm is no longer that. As we observe that we are more than capable of holding and living our wildest dreams, they start coming to life. When we don't give in to society's hustles and shake ups we discover that we actually are not alone and the ones with us start collecting the mindsets and concepts and putting in the work but nothing like the 9-5 this is the work of love of feeling good no matter what. You where being had last night? That's alright, feel good! You just lost whatever? That's ok feel good! They are mean or you are weak? That's alright feel good. This good feeling is a very crucial component to everything. Once you immerse yourself into this happy good good feeling, everything starts making sense not to matter much, the way the illusions are set up will start telling you a story of people. You will start to feel them how they have been hurt and no matter how much you go through they just won't ever think you suffered enough. This is absolutely true, we will never suffer as much as anyone because we choose to feel good and nothing matters more than that we feel good. Get this that when you feel good and you find more of them that choose to feel good you will start doing amazing things together. Your dreams start complementing each other and instead of taking from each other you give each other instead of giving wrong hurtful tests all the time you actually look for ways to complete these beings in your path to completing that which never gets done, which is life and all its time gifts.

The portfolios are simple indicators of abudance, the blessings are flowing in as imagined and there's no holding them back. And you know what else is amazing about these gains is that if you are not yet fully ready to handle your own, the devine will be building your portfolio for you and you will notice this by certain blockages, soft blockages like problems with KYC. You recognise that just the mere fact that you are on this kyc level you are already so blessed, let's say you set up the portfolio despite the KYC, by the time you can complete this KYC it will be so much of the gains and you can never claim not blessed! Some blockages really guard us until we can truly own it!

In the portfolio income most of what we do in the market is portfolio based, building on gaining more on assets and doing the most to get the best out of the assets by proper management. This is done for us or we do it for ourselves. It all depends on how we feel like, if we feel really really good then we take care of our own portfolio but if we feel even better than good then we have others who are more qualified take care of our portfolios for us as we diversify and broaden into other areas and we are blessed with more components that we anticipated.

As the portfolio grows, we become better equipped at handling stress, being calm and just being composed in general. This all comes from letting go of the rigid mindset of thinking that certain things only belong to certain people and the illusions sold to us by life. As we shake off the old, we embrace the new and it's in the renewal that we are given the chance or we give ourselves to chance of growth for us to think better, feel better, and so we create better by seeing better. This has to do with others as they co-create with us but more than that it's about us and staying true to the depth of our dreams and visions so much that the portfolios only serve to project less than a percentage of the organisation, growth and abudance laying within. To get to comfortably navigate your portfolios you'd need to know how to feel just right and find the best fit into the higher visions of your own life.

Charlie Monger was quoted saying that the first 100K is the most important to gain speed to achieve, after that you can ease off the gas pedal. Now this coming from a major portfolio guy you know that having a healthy and strong portfolio is key to withstanding storms even those that are strong enough to blow your whole portfolio away, which is also reason for diversification. One other thing is the losses, the losses are inevitable especially in the early days. So you will never step out or speak to people because of losses? That's got to be the dream life. Lol the thing with losses is that they are better taken as lessons so that any failure registered is forward failure, it won't matter where you are but the way you think,the vibrations you put out will boomerang right back to you with even more of what you put out. You put out abudance and keep the momentum going clean, you get more of that. Anyone did you bad and you do them good, you get more of that. You grow and learn to behave better, you get more of that, you choose to think and grow rich? You get more of that! You hate or hold Resentment....ah just don't go the route of not feeling good. Always feeling good will draw you to the portfolio income that will keep you feeling good.

People like to say money is evil or that being rich makes one unkind. We now know that the attitude of the person makes the person, makes the portfolio makes the mindset makes everything. You don't have to be bad to have major gains and if there's any doubt to that just look around and notice the trees and the air, the earth too even the fire if you lit up, you will learn from these elements what we learn that as you go deeper within yourself you find that nothing matters but for things to be there's energetical shifts happening, there's two major sides that coexist in harmony and disharmony. Its up to you where you house yourself, your energies and all of you, you can share it in half or however you choose it's your choice and this will go on to tell you that it's all mindset no matter where you are, good or bad it's mindset. We cannot dictate and say that only the light wins, that's not it because the light needs the darkness to shine, everything came out of the darkness anyway.

"Let there be light"

From the darkness right?

Once we let go of the earthly contrast, or at least the tags we put on things and just let it flow, we will observe so much more gains. Why the gains and portfolios? Well there's the dopamine and serotonin releases that make us feel good and as much as there's the good and bad view of the world they all have provisionally aspects to release these feel good hormone it all comes down to mindset, how you condition or uncondition your mindset. The next person can say whatever they feel and you knowing who you are carry the veto to take it or not. Get offended or not, forgive or not. Feel good or not.

There is so much more to portfolio income especially on the numbers game and for this reason growth becomes inevitable after much needed focus is given to this area of life. Once more, loses are like footprints in the sand or bad dreams/nightmares, they don't matter. What matters in now and going forth. Feel good no matter what!

The big one of them all, we mean that portfolios can really be huge like the hedge kind but nothing beats the old passive income.

This is the no tax zone, the only time passive income is taxed is when you finally spend it on taxable goods. Even then there provisions to actually just not lose anything at all and gain with all the spending and losses. Like Tesla did with the 1.5 billion investment into BTC, they stand to gain with any losses to the asset and gain with all the price pumps. That's the point of whales in this game they don't care because they have reached the it levels where they do not lose anything even when the asset is raising the zeros they only appear to lose on taxable staff but even then they lose a bare minimum because they have been in the game for at too long to be losing on losses. We know how absurd that sounds but it's mindset. Its so much lovely when we tap into the collective energies that are out to benefit us. Its renewing to be connected, tapped in and turned on. We realise that nothing matters which is not a reason to do staff but a reason to actually do staff for the much needed later gains. I met a lady one time who sort of expressed that she noticed I knew a thing or two about the markets and she'd be interested in learning from me, so everytime I try to make the effort to contact her to get in a lesson she'd tell me how busy she is at work and how she can be on the phone because of her living quarters set up sharing and what not. Sure this is a valid reason, it's not up to me to keep it in my conscious but when you really want something you put all your focus on it but it start off moment by moment then into momentum and then later on face some down falls that's the experience gained to maximize the gains and so much more grinding that includes letting go of the though of bothering people by trying to sort yourself out so you play small to fit it. That's dining your light and it's all you baby, it's all you. Sooner or later you will shine brighter than them all so don't you dare worry about the others, they for sure do not care about you. Feel good and do whatever it takes to feel even better, why? By raising the bar you give them a chance to be much better than they think to be. Its so much easier to put one down so that we all stay where we are. If you are true about the love you have for growth of others and yourself then you will grow so that others grow too.

Most of the passive incomes need so much investment into them, not so much money but energy and time. This is not to discourage but to encourage you that as you explore better ways to dispense the BCH, you will find that you will only start gaining BCH in your sleep after time and energy put into the start up work that will sort of snowball effect into an avalanche. Passive income is something not fully legal, this is in contrast to the laws of countries that income should be taxed but how do you tax what you cannot touch or even get to? These are the mindsets that are filling up the collective, that no one needs to get a cut of your hard earned income. The truth to this is that only our children and children's children forth will be able to actually have their fullness of everything, in these times most of us have a story that propels us to greatness, most use it for clout to gain more and the truth comes out later they get destroyed and the next one pops up and so on. Once you are not doing it for clout, just for yourself to feel really good and gain on the sidelines, you will be more fulfilled and you will not need to bother with showing up or looking a certain way because you do not owe anyone anything. Sadly even with your son stories no-one owes you anything too no matter how much responsible you think they are for your losses, you are more than responsible for all of you and the faster you get to feel good the better your gains will be.

Why the gains? Why not just feel good with nothing? Well if you want to feel good with nothing then you still have a bit of a way to level up because the most natural state of being is abudance, unconditioned abudance but it does take some calibration getting there. You will have to calibrate your life to align with your thought and everything around you. Going wrong is about lessons learned by calibration, this calibration is learning different skills about how to maximize the gains in passive incomes, we learn the much loved strategies of the great minds portrayed in the richest man in Babylon, the richest man to ever live, the alchemist, think and grow rich with Nepalion Hill, the 7 Habits of Highly effective People, atomic habits even the latest best seller by Curtis Jackson Hustle harder hustle smarter. These minds are so great that we cannot live our lives without tapping into at least one half truth from their great minds.

All these minds have one thing in common, they are bosses and now these bosses really know how to make gains without having to wake up. On the basic levels this is the links we share like this bitrefill link right here as we leave it here and explain that you can actually just have one utilities app and make it all over the world it's this app, then as time goes by and people read through, we will be sleeping and wake up to gains from people wanting to live off off crypto without involving the bank or third parties at all, straight from earning it to bitrefill then to getting food or transport or accommodation or anything really, you can Amazon, eBay, Uber eats, and everything specific to your geolocation. This is definitely one of the most basic ways of passive income, other ways are locked in the works of articles and books, the link is shared within a free ebook then distributed as free additional value which we all need and want without knowing that we are growing someone else. Which shouldn't be a problem because we coexist to co-create for even more gains. More passive gains can be made from leaving footprints in the sand or messages in the bottle revealed after some efforts into profiles and platforms as more desperate and hungry young ones are spit out by the system come hungry for income solution. They go through your profile of solutions and if they do get one solution to their problem they will come back and if they do come back they will love your variety which means that they will reference you in their works. This is like how you reference you best authors. Sure you are also making passive income from that tiktok or article but best grow forward and become an author yourself. A good one so that people will actually recommend your book to others and thereby cementing your name into the history that you are so much about as you share your best authors.

So passive income is almost any and all income that you get from some settup that does not require you to put in active work something like portfolio gains but without the stress. Passive income is by far the best of all earnings because this is what creates generational wealth. Skipping out of momentary payments and small games into the super mindsets of broadened gains of up to a century is what the Rockefellers are about or the Rothschilds or the Royals ,even the Mafia, it's about the generational wealth building and that's one good thing about passive gains that it will accumulate to so much more than you can ever imagine all the way into the next generations and maybe even beyond your own line by having trusts settup to cater for orphanages and other parties in need of much assistance. The other brilliant side of passive income in the Crypto ecosystem is that there is little to no attachments. For this reason Jay-Z is teaming up with some great minds and doing great work to help the kids in Africa by using BTC. Why BTC you might wonder? Because there's little to no attachments, these are people who really want to help and when you grow in truth you won't need to worry about other types of growth because the universe will take care of you!

That's about enough of the incomes. We might want to look into the routines we focus on to realise these incomes, after all it's mindset and routine is the biggest contribution to the mindset. Don't forget to feel good 🕉️🤑🕉️.


This has been the longest piece I've written so far, I loved writing this one.

All the three incomes are good and recommendable because where on Evan earn one has the ability to learn to earn more. Our focus points is changing every day as we reach new highs and more becomes clear to us that we need to feel more good more often,chase the good vibes and cleanse our thoughts, bodies and deeds. Its a gradual process because with every step are rewards for us so we wouldn't want to be overwhelmed by the rewards but rather take it easy and get it as we get it because we feel our way into it.

Its a very wonderful time to be alive and to be super thankful for the components to our creations. We love being part of the shared experiences and growth will always be our number one power word as it is the resolution of the year for us we have long realised that we grow by growing others. As we grow by growing others we will conjure up the meanest of the growth concussions and so comes the mutants gains!

One thing to watch out for when going for these gains is half truths, they are all over the place. Any half truth should be explored and exploded into much needed contrasts so that yee shall be set free by the contrasted truth and not held back by half truths because the half truths hold us back for so long. Half truth examples are scripture quotes, they are catchy and motivational but in truth they are like hooks that hook us to a certain part of life when we are flexible being who ought to experience life in all its abudance. We are free to be all we feel good to be, let's grow and feel good, explore and have fun while doing it. Dream, live ,come alive and let live too!

"Are you single? Make money and travel"


We are satisfied with our care because nothing matters more than that we feel good, we feel good!

Love n light


Bless up!

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Written by   71
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