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Something big and bad is brewing

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2 months ago

I was (like an idiot) looking through the news on Facebook a couple of nights ago and came across this:

Image source:

Here are some details about me

I'm a registered emergency services practitioner (I have my own scope of practice and do not need request permission to perform certain medical interventions as some other categories of licenses do). I have 10 years experience working in ambulances and volunteering in trauma hospitals. I've delivered assisted living care to patients with neurological disabilities (ranging from birth-related issues, to Multiple Sclerosis, to strokes, to brain injuries).

I have a fascination with the absolute chaos ongoing in the world and it began about 2 months after the first COVID-19 case in Wuhan.

I also have a morbid fascination with criminal psychology and statement analysis (pretty much since I was a child) - self taught based on cases in the media, life experiences during work for the emergency services when dealing with crimes (assault, rape, murder and "suicides" which were actually murder), and a genius called Peter Hyatt.

If you don't know who Peter Hyatt is, take a look over here:

Above Image Source:

I follow all of his studies on YouTube and watch / listen to them over and over again so that I can keep learning something new, his training is extremely expensive (and one day when I win the lotto I'll treat myself to completing his training). Here is a man who LITERALLY detects lies for a living, that's his job. Look here:

Above image source:

Anyway, I primary areas of study are emergency medicine relating to neurological issues and risk mitigation at areas where high-risk operations take place (providing emergency support and response plans as well as evaluating the possible issues and putting measures in place to stop the eventualities from happening).

How does all that info about me fit into the title of this chaos?

I'm NOT a tin-hat-idiot. I do believe in science, I believe in evidence, and I believe in facts. Not facts from fact-checkers, I believe in actual facts - not media sources with an ulterior motive who are funded by the very people destroying humanity.

My prediction?

In the UK, Autumn falls September - November. Shortly followed by winter, freezing cold, wind, rain and all the bad parts of the weather system that ends up increasing the number of people getting sick. They get sick from the common cold, flu, hot-cold in public transport, people travelling on public transport in close proximity to each other, coughing and sneezing their breath across the train. That's the perfect reason that illness spreads, not so? I've not said anything tin-hatty yet.

However, when all the young people (as stated by the above quote from SkyNews - read SlyNews) are vaccinated, there's going to be a serious issue. There are going to be neurological side effects, these side effects are already happening.

Case 1

Image source: Screen shot of a Facebook group

Case 2

Image source: Screen shot of a Facebook group

There's thousands more of those posts

I'm not going to go and flood this article with the screenshots, if you want to find them, you will - they are everywhere. Real people with real incidents post-vaccine. People who (at one point) believed the vaccine was their saviour.

Dr Charles Hoffe was fascinating to listen to in this YouTube video (I'm sure it will be removed at some point, so watch it while you can).

Above video source (the channel):

I made an Ebola prediction previously

I believe that is still possible in the future because I believe it's highly likely it's going to have been experimented on, and another "leak" from a sloppy lab will occur. However, guess what? The more I've been reading and analysing what's been going on, I fear it is worse than Ebola.

Let's talk about Mad Cow disease

What's the kill rate?

Above image and lead image source:

It's always fatal - within 1 year of onset. Now I thought Ebola was bad, but this? This could literally destroy a large majority of the population. What if they've been doing gain of function research on CJD as well (human form of Mad Cow Disease)? What if they have been increasing its ability which will allow it to be transmitted from human-to-human?

Below image sources:

So, to summarise the above facts:

  • A type of mad cow disease exists in humans

  • Symptoms include:

    • Nervous system issues

    • Loss of coordination

    • Dementia

    • Brain abnormalities on scans

  • Scientists have known about it in cows since 1986

  • Scientists have known about it in humans since 1996

  • Scientists are concerned about it

Look at the cases above, read their symptoms again and tell me if anything looks similar.

Who owns farmlands?

Above image source:

There is one man who owns as much land that is nearly the size of Hong Kong. Does that not seem strange to you?

Who is anti-cows because they fart too much?

Above image source:

Maybe the statement was a bit misleading - it's not just because they fart and cause atmospheric emissions. He also has an issue with cows because he is going to start making fake meat and dairy. Anyone else see some more dollar signs in his eyes?

What's my point?

I'm putting two and two together, I could be getting 22, or I could be getting 4. Either way, there is going to be some type of hell breaking loose later this year or early next year.

Why is it that some people have ended up dead from the vaccines? And others have hardly had any symptoms post-vax? Is it maybe because some are placebos, with no active ingredients in them?

If you want to continue on your money grabbing legacy you have take out the "right" quantity of people without raising red flags, not so?

The vaccines (by the end of next year) are going to be showing some pretty scary side effects and producing some very bad medical conditions which we (likely) don't have the medical advancement to deal with at this point. Or for some ulterior motive, those in power just don't want to "cure". For example, we can cure cancer with Indica Oil, but we haven't. Instead we poison people with chemo and radiation.

Everyone blasts Ivermectin because it's "unsafe" and is "causing liver failure". Yes, it can cause liver failure IF not taken in the correct dosages. EVERY drug can cause that. You can DIE from a paracetamol overdose and that is supposed to be one of the tried and trusted medications for pain and fever.

Why are people completely ignoring papers like this:

Above image source:

The above paper proves that my theory is possible. I didn't even KNOW about this study until I started searching for more articles which could support the randomness I have in my head about everything.

Here's another source relating to the symptoms (which largely mirror the neurological side effects of the vaccines):

Above image source:

And here's another published paper relating to COVID-19 and neurological degeneration:

Above image source:

What if I'm right?

If I'm right the world is going to lose millions of innocent people who were made to believe the government actually cares. People who believed the vaccine would save them from an illness that was created in a laboratory which is effectively a strain of very bad flu. Yet - some people test positive for COVID-19 who have absolutely nothing wrong with them. How many people have had it, but just never tested for it because there was absolutely nothing wrong with them?

Please tell me one thing the government has done for you that is free? Do they pay for your chronic diabetes medication or insulin? Do they tell you not to worry about your taxes after the lockdown where you can't work? Do they give you free food? Do they give you free cancer treatments? What does your government give you for free that has benefited you?

I want to finish off this post with some more propaganda in main stream media for you to think about...why do people really need their icons and role models to be encouraging everyone to get vaccinated? There's a reason people are refusing to take it. People like me. I'm waiting for the next phase of this madness, I hope I'm wrong, but I don't believe I am.

Above source of a bribe to freedom: (Facebook)

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Written by   146
2 months ago
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I don't know why people are being encouraged everyone to get vaccinated. It makes me wonder if they have an expected gain.

They should know people are refusing to take it for a good reason.

I'm not ready for it too.

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2 months ago

Amazing finding this link to prions.
We know it is disastrous, -
this connects the dots.
The original paper can still be found:

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2 months ago

I've never been more concerned about the future that lies ahead than I am at the moment. I really need to try and find a piece of land in the middle of nowhere. I just want to get my family away from this craziness and get us all safe.

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2 months ago

Antarctica looks better every day...

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2 months ago