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Modern "education" institutes are pointless in real life

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7 months ago

I've always known that the way the future is going the institutions are teaching our children how to be a slave to the system. Do you know of any school that teaches children real life valuable things? In my country? I don't.

This post was inspired by an article by @clixmoney you can check it out here:

I hated history with a passion

I was a straight A student - I loved learning, I loved studying. What I hated was that at my young ages growing up I could already see through what was going on there. In South Africa our country people suffered one of the worst things to ever exist in the history of oppression and violence in the world - Apartheid. Because of the colour of your skin you were demonized, you were called horrific names, treated as a slave and made to be a second class citizen. That all changed when Nelson Mandela took over - except things have continued to change for the worse.

By the time I got into high school our history lessons consisted of:

All white people must be ashamed of who they are.

White people are sinners.

White people have no right to speak about anything in South Africa.

In grade 9 we were allowed to choose our subjects that we would do from grade 10 to 12, I dropped history the first opportunity I got. My final question for the grade 9 exam went along the lines of:


My answer?

I don't know and I don't care.

I was sent to the headmaster and he asked why I was there, so I showed him my exam sheet and he just told me "GET OUT" so I did, and I went to the biology class and did homework there. I never went back to history. I was force fed every crime against humanity that any white person ever committed against the people of colour in this country - and I was ignorant about the world. I had no understanding of:

  • World War 1

  • World War 2

  • Germany and the holocaust

  • The invention of aeroplanes

  • Who and how electricity came about

  • The industrial revolution - I didn't even know what that was

You can pretty much add anything in there as well, and I can guarantee you that if it wasn't bashing the white people in South Africa I didn't learn about it. I am NOT saying it is not important or that we shouldn't learn about it, but I am saying that you have no right to stand in the classroom and tell me that I am responsible for the decisions of racists who were committing these crimes before I was born.

You - the person standing in front of me teaching me about these crimes, you're white - you're going to go to hell for owning a slave. (Side note, the teacher didn't like it when I told her that she would be going to hell)

Accounting was pointless

They didn't teach us about tax and financial management. The best they did was show us that the rich get richer and poor get poorer. They made us do one of these "market day" things when I was 12 years old. I wanted to do pillow wars and hairspray colours. Well, one of the class mates, her mother was a teacher at the school - so she was allowed to use the matts, the stands and she was also allowed to get the school gardeners to assemble the pole for people to walk on.

Image source: screenshot of my Google search

That's basically what I wanted to do, I was told "no" she had already planned it and had it approved. Funny how of all the suggestions on the board, her idea wasn't up. She also then took my idea of the hairspray.

Many children had their parents buy things they could sell at the market, our family wasn't well off, so we made paper aeroplanes and I had them at my market day. I also took bunches of my old toys and sold them. I didn't sell many and I didn't care. My Mom and I had fun making those paper planes and although nobody else saw value in them, I did and I do. Those paper planes caused my Mom and I to spend many hours together with her teaching me about life. We did experiments to see which ones fly best and what folding patterns work.

That market day showed me that if you don't have money you will always stay poor - which is exactly what the system tries to teach children today.

"If you don't go to university you will never succeed"

I've never been to university, but you know what? I have studied, I've paid for everything myself and I've been an entrepreneur. I've worked my behind off for where I am today and at the end of it all, I consider the fact that I am where I am a success in life. I know many artisans who never went to a "university" who have got more knowledge, wealth, success and spirit than some of the most highly educated people on the planet.

I can tell you right now that if there was a war in my back yard I would want my hard working non-university-educated friends around me before I would want the likes of Bill gates and Fauci anywhere near me.

High School accounting was pathetic

They taught you about journal entries that made no sense whatsoever. The teacher didn't even understand what she was teaching us, so how could we understand what we were meant to know?

We were never taught about:

  • Tax

  • VAT

  • Capital gains

  • Profit margins

  • Any form of useful business acumen

They want to keep you a slave to the system so that you can remain in debt and never climb your way out of it.

Physical education was pushed in the wrong way

If you weren't the perfect physique you were classified as "fat" and made fun of. They never taught us about nutrition and what the words "balanced diet" meant. They screamed at us for running or swimming too slowly. We never learned about the meaning of a TEAM. We were told we were a "team" but at the end of the day, some team members were always more equal than others and that was dependent on how much money their parents had. The more money your parents had, the more likely you were to be in the A-team even if you couldn't play sport to save your life.

"Life Sciences" or "Life Orientation"

All that involved was the ability of the school to push its Christian narrative of:

If you have sex before marriage God will damn you to an eternity of hell.

I respect people who make the choice to not be intimate and follow the way of the Word, yet at the same time I do not attack people for doing something different. What you do with your private parts has got NOTHING to do with me, unless you're shoving them in my direction or hurting someone (physically or emotionally).

Yet in the next breath after saying we would go to hell they taught us how to use a condom. Every single week we had a our one hour with the teacher who thought she was a psychologist who could "fix" our problems. At the beginning of each "lesson" she kept enforcing on us how to put a condom on and we wasted hundreds of condoms a week just shoving them over a wooden phallic-like object. Until one day I used my mouth to put the condom on. That was the last time that we were asked to do that activity, my only regret now is that I hadn't done it sooner. There are thousands of people who could have used those condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies and HIV AIDS, but instead they were wasted by a bunch of high school students who were too afraid of God and eternal damnation to even look at genitalia.

Decentralization, banks, crypto

There's not a single syllabus that I've heard of that teaches the youth in and around my country to do this. I do a lot of first aid training for school leavers, and since I've been on and I've been asking them about their plans and where they are going etc. I always manage to raise the question about crypto, freedom, banks - none of them have ever been taught anything. Some of them know what NFT's are, they have all heard of Bitcoin, none of them have heard of BCH and when I try and explain it to them they all look at me and go "it's a scam". THAT is the mindset that schools have created - if it's not in main stream media, it must be a scam, or fake news.

The point of this post?

Please educate your children. Educate your children away from the little blocks that the school is trying to fit your child into. They have a right to freedom, to an education that will serve them well in the life that we have ahead of us. The future ahead of our children is going to be increasingly more difficult, and if they don't have a head start of moving away from fiat and are only making it more difficult for them. Instead of putting every bit of your savings into a college fund in fiat, why not create them a BCH wallet fund? Create them a savings fund as well so that one day they will be protected, covered and they will have the edge they need to survive in the madness of the world.

Refugees from Ukraine were using the sale of NFT's to fund their way to freedom, they were using BTC transfers and some were using XRP. I have looked for the link but haven't been able to find it again (it was late last night when I was reading the comments on Twitter). We need to make sure our children are set up for the inevitible that's coming there way.

Set your children free by educating them the right way

Above and lead image by Pixabay User: Bru-nO

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Written by   294
7 months ago
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I agree on teaching kids about investing, profits and gains and losses and everything about business and teach them basic survival skills that it seems to have been neglected being taught in our own homes.

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6 months ago

This is not the first article I read that criticizes modern education system. I also know that a lot of people think you do not have to go to university to become successful. Well, I know there are flaws in the education system, however, this does not mean the whole education system is pointless. For 99, the only way to succeed is through education.

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7 months ago

Agree to this I think this modernized school system doesn't guarantee students future so might as be practical.

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7 months ago

I agree, especially studying too complex mathematics but the only applicable in real life are the MDAS. Education system complicates things and mostly is not applicable in real life..

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7 months ago

The current school system is a system meant to prepare people for a,world that has long gone.

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7 months ago

I would have written the I don't know and I don't care on my sheets as well. I'm not a fan of history and I'd rather stay away!

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7 months ago

There is a bigger picture many are overlooking. It is not about succeeding or not. It is about having knowledge of details and a wider understanding of a certain field. It is not correct to claim you won't succeed if you don't get a degree, but the opposite is also a flawed perception. It is also a fallacy to think that because perhaps some didn't succeed after getting a degree, most don't. It is not about the degree, but intelligence is cultivated when digging deeper into a subject. It is many more factors that include barriers to success. The system is built on limiting the chances of the younger generations. Gen X and millennials got way fewer chances than boomers and the trend is only worsening. The system is distributed today to enrich just very few at the expense of the rest. This is no capitalism either. Capitalism gives chances to all to succeed, but we are facing now a deeply rooted nepotic corporate republic system. This is the enemy, not education.

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7 months ago