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Black star elephant.

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1 month ago
PUBLISHED: 15/10/2021

Let me tell you about my favorite album of all time by NICO and VINZ two Afro-Norwegians from Oslo, Norway who came together to form a duo and then created their master piece “BLACK STAR ELEPHANT” album. You see the BLACK STAR ELEPHANT album was coined form two words BLACK STAR which is an Alias for the Ghanian Football team and THE ELEPHANTS which is Alias for the Côte d’Ivoire football team. Nico’s father who is originally from Côte d’Ivoire married a Norwegian woman who birthed Nico and Vinz’s parents were immigrants from Ghana. Cool right ?? I know I thought so too 🤩.

The reason I love this album so much is because of the infusion of African sound into the normal POP genre. Nico and vinz successfully made an album that isn’t Just a Pop album that can be enjoyed by people from different age groups but also an album that cuts across continents especially Africa. The 58 minutes albums consist of 21 songs and was released on the 5 of September 2014 with hit songs like Am I wrong ?, in your arms ,when the day comes and many more.

I would take a little time to explain some of the songs in the album and their significance to me hope you stay with me till the end. To all my subscribers thank you for your support as always do check out my amazing sponsors.🤩🔥

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I would be picking them in no particular order because I truly love all the songs on the album but if I were to recommend a handful of of songs on the album to you well these are ones i would ask you to listen to first:


This is the most popular song on the album and to be honest this was the first song I heard that got me asking questions about these guys. With lyrics like “Am I wrong ? For trying to reach the things that I can’t see” or “ if one thing I know I’d fall but I’d grow I’m working on this road of mine this road that I call home” this song just breathes life to me. I remember seeing the video for the first time and I thought to myself “I am really proud to be African”. The instrument used in the composition of this song is something close to perfect. Also in the video you could see African kids doing the dance with Nico and Vinz dancing along. Am I wrong is definitely a vibe.

Here is a visual enjoy

In your arms

In your arms is a very emotional song . Talks About a man who lost his family in an accident and is trying to build a time machine so he can go back in time to them. He seem lost with no hope and no money. He walks around the city picking up junks and spared mechanical parts to put together his time machine. He reminisces on how good it felts to be in the arms of his wife and daughter. A very nice song you one of my top 5 favorite.

When the day comes…

There was a time when azonto dance took over the world and everyone was doing the azonto dance, well when the day comes has a sprinkle of the azonto vibes. It is a dancehall song that talks about a warrior who is ready to go for war. The war of life, the kind of battle we fight as humans trying to survival in this brutal world. I love the way they entered both guys took their verses so powerful and so beautiful I feel good just writing about the song.


Imagine is a very powerful song that I connected to when I visited my village for the first time. Imagine talks about standing for something, having a purpose, remembering those who stood for you when you were in your hard times. I related well to this song because it has a nice melody and the lyrics seem very deep.

Know what am I not..

Another powerful song where they sang on how we as humans and as disciplined people might not know all that we are but we certainly know what we are not. This just means that by virtue of how I was raised, who raised me and decisions that I have made throughout my journey in life I might still be on the journey to find myself but I certainly know what I am not.

and lastly …

Imaa imaa

This is a love song 🤩❤️. It just talks about how beautiful love is and how lovers would travel 7 seas to make sure that they satisfy the one they love. Even though I not huge on love songs I actually like this song a lot.

Now the truth is all the songs on the album are my favorite but for the purpose of this article I just have to pick out 6 of them. You should listen to this album and let me know what you thinks who knows I might be introducing you to an entirely different sound.🤩

Thank you for your time as always I love you 😘 Peace love and joy to the world.

©️2021 jumper

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Written by   123
1 month ago
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I enjoy world music and I especially like the African sounds. We use to have a TV program in the USA that aired every Saturday. It was a mixture of Caribbean and African singers and musicians. But then they took the show off the air. Now I have to hunt for new music on YouTube. You saved me the trouble of having to find these guys. Thank you for this introduction. Two thumbs up!

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1 month ago

Wow I am so glad I could help honestly you comment has made my night . Thank you again 🥺🙏

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1 month ago

I haven't listened to any song on the album before. But that will end today, I'm downloading it asap.

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1 month ago

Oh that’s cool I am sure you are going to enjoy it

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1 month ago