What affects the Google Adsense earnings

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Earn with Google Adsense from any resource. For example, create a blog on blogspot and immediately install Adsense ads on it. With proper choice of blog themes, format and location of Adsense ad block you can get good results. In runet Google Adsense gives a certain effect on a sufficiently visited resources. But in any case can serve as a supplement to the monetization of the site.

Here, everything is organized very convenient. Set the format of the advertising block, put the code in the right place or use a plugin that allows to place the code without going into details of setting the template and now blog on your blog revolve ad banners or displays advertisements. But actually not all that easy.

What affects the amount of earnings on Google Adsense

1. Traffic: This is the main factor and the most intuitive factor, if your life come dozens or hundreds of thousands of visitors a day, and number of clicks on ads will be great. More clicks – more revenue from advertising Adsense.

2. Format ad unit Adsense: There is somewhat more complicated. Everything depends on your resources and on its content. For any design will not be relevant promotional text messages, but the banner will look great. For what is a resource on the contrary. For him the only fit test ads.

3. Location of advertising block: A good place for an ad block is not necessarily in the center of the page. For some resources, it could be a basement. And not necessarily on the block will be more visitors click on when it will be located at the top of the page. Just the top of the page visitors usually just scroll through. And not the least reason for this popularity was the location of advertising banners at the top. Trim a text ad blend well into text or small banner in the sidebar can be more effective than a large advertising banner in the middle of the page or in the header.

4. Design of the advertising block: For example, we assume that users have more confidence in the information blocks with rounded corners, and bright contrasting colors can scare the reader. But in practice, all of this is tied to a particular resource, or even to its subject. And, what exactly is not working today, it’s masking the ad unit under the content. It is hard to find someone who at first glance does not distinguish the advertising unit of information.

5. Niche: For example SEO themes is about the middle. Clothing – inexpensive theme. But the repairs will be expensive. This means that the clicks on the ads on the site about the clothes you get less income than for clicks on site to repair laptops. But there is a caveat. The more expensive the topic, the more competition in it and therefore more difficult to get it more traffic to the resource.

6. Language: This is a very interesting factor, simple and complicated at the same time. Just because the income from Adsense on the English-speaking sites potentially much higher than the earnings on any other sites.

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