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A Message To The One I Love

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3 months ago
I think of you in the morning before the sun rise
when in the still of the darkness my heart feels your presence
I am so happy that God gave me precious gift to amend my broken heart
guess what the gift was?
It was you my darling
no wonder I have always been unlucky several times
little did I know you be the most amazing person in my life
the sound of your voice makes my stomach tickles
your smile makes my heart beat faster
my love..... I can't explain how i am feeling right now
you are making my days feel so bright even in the dark hours
My King
if I could make a dictionary
your qualities will be written on it
I really want to see you happy everyday
I want you to be able to achieve your dreams
I want to be able to achieve your dreams
I want to make an impact in your life
I want to see you happy
I love you

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