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Pray in Every Moment of Your Life!

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2 months ago

Do you pray only when you have a problem, you are sick, you are hurting or when you are in a sad situation? Do you just pray because you need something?

Pray not just because you need something.

Pray because you are thankful to God that despite the shortcomings and sins committed, God is still there. You have not been faithful to Him but He has remained faithful. In the book of 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, "pray continually," Let us be habitual and persistent in prayer.

Prayer changes things.

Prayer changes us.

Prayer draws us to God.


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Hi Juan. I am Mariel, the moderator for Daily Trends. Unless you post a 3 minute post this will be your last post to this group. This is not Expand on it because you have a good topic.

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2 months ago

hola marielb22 saludos tengo dos articulos que me gustaría publicar en tu comunidad pero deben ser ingles verdad ? no se si me puedes indicar como hacerlo que pagina usan generalmente para traducir

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2 months ago

Thank you po much for approving my post in Daily Trends. I will make sure to create article and post of about 3 minute, thank you so much po for noticing me here. God bless po Ate.🤗

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2 months ago