Your wife's beauty is beyond what your eyes can see - honor your wife.

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You wanted to get married and so you did; to the girl you were in love with, the first girl that took your breath away. You swore you will take care of her, love and honor her till the day you both die.

No, beautiful girl was more beautiful than her, at least in your eyes, your eyes fulfilled, your heart full of her love. You adored her with all your heart.

You couldn’t wait to start a family, have a few kids to complete your dream life with the girl you believed made just for you.

One year into your marriage, and the good news of an addition to your family has reached you. It was a day of tears full of joy. Your dream fulfilled your dream life, building and unfold.

You cared for your lovely wife, the love of your life. You pampered her, took good care of her. She was as beautiful as ever during her pregnancy. You couldn’t wait to tell all your friends and co-work the good new, and when you finally did, everyone was glad for you both.

All people saw in your eyes was happiness. You tell everyone you going to be a dad. You shared with everyone your plans for this child. Excellent schools, good life, happy life.

You wanted to buy a new home, a family home, and you did. You worked hard for it, but all the hard work paid off, all your dreams unfolding slowly.

You moved into your new home with your wife, you both went out shopping for the nursery. You spent money to buy the best for this child on the way. For you, no money is worth more than this child and the fulfilment of your dream was more important than money. You worked long hours just to make this big dream comes perfect.

The day your wife went to the hospital to have the baby, you were so excited and happy; you took three weeks off work to look after your wife and the new baby.

In the hospital, the staff noticed your smile; you were just a thrilled father to be.

You attend the birth of your child; you saw the pain your wife went through; how can this be, how can having a child be with such intense pain, how could I accept to have the woman I love so much to through such agonising pain?

Your heart overflowed with love and empathy for the woman screaming out of pain to give birth to the child you desperately want. Without this child, it cannot fulfil your dream of the perfect family.

You promised yourself you will love your wife even more after witnessing what she went through to have this baby.

The day came when you took your wife and baby home. Now the reality has finally sunk in, the family you have always wanted is now a reality, and no longer a dream.

Your sleep got disturbed, but that’s not a problem. The mum is always up and ready to tend to the baby while you sleep. When the baby is sick, she is the one taking care of the baby as you sleep.

You appreciate her efforts; you acknowledge she is tired and sometimes needs a rest.

Her body change, stretch marks all over her tummy, legs and breasts. She has put weight, she’s looking tired every day, she was no longer the slim, vibrant girl you once married.

You pull yourself away. The beautiful woman you married is no longer the woman you sleep with at night next to you in bed. You mind rejecting how she looks.

Her looks, her weight, the way she looks, when she didn’t have sleep all night because of the baby, disgusts you.

You create arguments from small things as an excuse to leave the house.

Slowly you come home late. You didn’t hide from her your feelings. You were honest with her; you told her you didn’t like her looks and weight after the baby.

You forgot the pain you witnessed with your own eyes when she was giving birth to this child you desperately wanted. Now, your disgust with her looks, the way she dresses in baggy clothes, you didn’t want to be seen with her anymore.

You forgot the nine long months of hardship and a painful childbirth she had to endure to bring the baby you wanted.

You wanted a beautiful wife, a beautiful family, living in a pleasant home with a nice car and your child in a wonderful school. You got all that, but then you cast aside the most important part of the family you made.

You based your love of beauty on that one day will eventually disappear. As you, her and everyone else get old, it will reduce us to nothing but leather, rough skin ready to be put under the soil for the worms.

You’re a man without morals and values beyond the eyes and what it sees.

While you resent how your wife looks after the baby, the baby attached and loved his mother. For him, his mother is the love she emits from her soul to him, not her weight or her looks. The child loves his mother unconditionally, without a doubt.

For you? A woman is an object to please a man’s desires, to be beautiful and stay beautiful in order for a man to love her. Love to you is something that can only exist in your heart when you see what your eyes likes, the strength of your eyesight is too poor to see through a woman, pass their looks and their figures.

You forgot to ask why your daddy remained marry to your mother after you were born, and after your birth caused her to put weight, looked tired and exhausted?

You love and adore your mother; you talk about her love and all the things she did for you and your siblings. It’s all that matters to you. Your father always praises your mother and talk of how great she is as a mother, a wife and a woman.

You forgot your tears when you saw your wife gave birth to your child; you forgot her bravery and her determination to bring that child to this world alive and well. Her own life put at risk and here you are ungrateful.

Can a man see a woman beyond her looks, her figure, her breast, her buttocks? Is a woman a human to adore and to appreciate for what she brings to this world? Does a woman deserve recognition for her contribution to society, when she takes care of the future generation, for free?

Does it really have to be in love with conditions? Is it only love you can give a woman? What about respect, appreciation, and honor? Is that too much to ask?

Good men, becomes good husbands, they become good fathers; they become excellent role models for boy and men of the future.

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A man's best friend is his wife and that should be the reason to admire her more and respect her opinions. A wife completes the second half of her husband. Great topic.

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1 year ago

All women should me honoured not to talk of your wife, her beauty isn't the only thing to be appreciated, the internal beauty is also glorious

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1 year ago