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2 years ago


A sunny day to you all. I am here to ask questions for all of us because I want to know how much you value a mother in our lives. And I also want to share what a mother based on my experience. How much do we respect our mother? What is a mother for us? And do you know what our home is all about? A mother is the first to respond to our daily needs or whatever we need. And I know we have a lot of respect for our mother because she was the one who raised us and was the first to shape our knowledge and thinking from birth to growing up into our being. The mother who is the support at all times can be approached and asked for advice and they are also our refuge at all times. A loving and caring mother should be commended because they care about us and put our welfare first because they know how important a family is.

Do you know why we need to respect our mother because they are the ones who take care of us and raise us, they are the ones who teach us what is right or wrong, which is good or bad, what a child should and should not do . We do not exist in this world without a mother who is ready to fight for us at all times, and we all know that without a home light the home will be complicated. I know that we do not want our family to be complicated so we need to value each and every one of us so that we can be united in all the challenges of life, help each other and together. We must think that when we lack a family member we will not be able to achieve the complete family we hope for.

Love has many meanings. There are also many types of it.

And one of the greatest loves is the love of a mother for her child.

The mother in prayer, her prayers are very powerful. Why? Because her prayer was mixed with pleading that the Lord would hear it especially if her son was in great trial. He does not pray for his safety first but first meditates on what to say so that the child can be organized and safe at all times.

The mother when she has money, does not think about whether she will have new equipment or jewelry. First on the list is the needs of the family. And if there is too much, good shoes and a toy for the child will satisfy him.

The mother, at the dinner table, does not precede the dish, first checking to see if she has enough to serve her family. A small portion will be served on her plate to see that the child is always full and energetic.

The mother, at the hospital, was last examined. Put loved ones first to buy their necessities first. It is no longer possible to have no medicine or vitamins for her, just to fill the needs of the children. But, it is really strange what a mother’s love does, to the whole family, she is often the last to get sick and even though she is weak and sick, you can always find energy reserves. A mother's true love brings good resistance.

The mother we seldom hear of anything being done. For him, he did not want the children to worry anymore.

Mothers have different temperaments. There are different ways to raise her offspring but the love of a mother is one… eternal and unparalleled!

No mother wants to see the child struggling with any other problem because they want to make the child happy all the time. So let us respect and honor them with all our heart and soul. Let us not torture them and we must return what they did to us.

A poem for mothers:

In our lives there is still so

That to our mother is even greater

Mother who risked her own life

When we were born into this world

When I was a baby, I was still a child

Mom knows when I'm upset

He will rise, he will know

Why is that, what is the reason

When he found out I was hungry

He will suck my nipple

And when it was cold, I was cold

I will be wrapped in my mother's arms

When he saw an ant

Immediately wipe, he will drip

The lamping read, he removes

The new and dry he will replace

I grew up and that was educated

He is still the one who illuminates my path

I was a young man, until I became a man

He is still the light and my only guide

That's how a mother loves

He has no equal, nothing more

Now that he is far away, I have a request

Again, I hope I can be with him

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Written by   103
2 years ago
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Mother's love is the fuel that allows a human being to do what is impossible.

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2 years ago

Indeed, mother is one of the best supporter to overcome challenges

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2 years ago

You can have my mother. Wayne bet within 2 months time she broke you. I saw adult men cry years later after they met her, only met her for a few weeks or months.

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2 years ago

I don't respect my mother. I am not a hypocrite. During those years of my life I had to live with her she molested me, humiliated me, tried to break me in every way she could think of. She is a monster, psychopath and people like her are a danger to humanity.

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2 years ago