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When La Union is heard, the first thing people think of is the beach or the sea. It is known as one of the most beautiful surfing destinations here in the Philippines. In fact, La Union locals even have a surf break every year, every October. This is one of the big events in La Union that attracts tourists. It is also one of the best ways to introduce the beauty of La Union to the whole country and to the whole world.

Apart from the ocean and the big waves, there are many eateries and sights that will surely delight your whole family. Regardless of your age, there is something you can do and get when you vacation here in La Union.

How to get to La Union from Metro Manila?

From Metro Manila, you just need to go to Cubao or Pasay to take a bus to San Fernando, La Union. The trip will take six to seven hours and the fare is Php436 to Php534.

Where is the best place to stay in La Union?

Now that the country is getting to know La Union better, more tourists are coming here even before the peak season. As a result, you will find other resorts and hotels here — you will never run out of options when it comes to accommodation.

Bauang, La Union

Some of the best accommodations in Bauang, La Union are Marand Resort and Spa, Maritoni Bali Suites & Villas, San Luis del Mar, Villa Veronica, and White House Beach Resort.

San Fernando, La Union

If you are going to San Fernando, La Union, it is best to stay at Sea Park Beach Resort & Restaurant, Ashburn's Transient, Natures Healing Home, and Blue Marlin Resort.

San Juan, La Union

San Juan, La Union is the most popular destination so you have more options here when it comes to lodging. Some of the most beautiful are the Costa Villa Beach Resort, Isla Bonita Beach Resort, Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, Puerto De San Juan, San Juan Treasure Resort, La Playa Ursula, North Coast Beach Resort, and Sebay Surf Central.

Urbiztondo, La Union

If you want to save money, you should go to Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. Often, this is where solo backpackers live. Some of the best lodges here are Flotsam and Jetsam or The Circle Hostel.

What are the popular tourist destinations in La Union?

When it comes to tourist destinations, there are many in La Union. Their beaches are so popular that in addition to being extremely beautiful, the waves are getting bigger — perfect if you want to learn to surf.

Urbiztondo Beach

Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union is a popular destination for surfing enthusiasts. From October to March the waves will be very good for surfing. On the beach, many surfers offer surfing lessons for Php400 per hour.

The province of La Union is located in the Ilocos region of Luzon and is divided into 19 towns, including the town of Santol. The town of Santol is simple, quiet, simple and far from pollution, so this place is rich in relaxation or relaxation. If you look closely and if you look closely at the surroundings of this town, you can find various sites, so it is surrounded by various landscapes such as lush mountains, huge trees, vast fields. and sea, rivers and streams, as well as simple houses. It will discover various activities, such as surfing, mountain climbing and picking fruits from tall trees, it will also experience feeding farm pets such as pigs, ducks and more. . Here you will also find a variety of Ilocano dishes such as adobong frog, fried eel or better known as "eel", dog dishes, goat and the more popular ilokona dish is the pinakbet. They also have a variety of products, vinegar that can be made into wine, moans, and more. Life in this town is happy and peaceful, because the people in this town are known to be happy, generous, loving and strategic in life. The simple life of the Ilocanos will also be noticed in the town of Santol. Farming and fishing are their common occupations here. According to them, they can live on the way of getting food from the plantations and rivers and selling crops in the fields. Life in the town of Santol serves as a lesson to the youth today, it helps the youth understand the existence of a simple life and having a life approach. And it also better understands the importance of nature.

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