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Toxic mobile game from South East Asia:Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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3 months ago

In the past year, there was a mobile game invented in the South East Asia region and that is a popular game in South East Asia today the Mobile Legends Bang Bang(MLBB). This game is about 5 versus 5 MOBA games it is addictive because it is a multiplayer game.

I say it toxic because 50 percent of this game is full of trash talks.The players are becoming mad when they have noob teammates and they will exchange bad words until the battle game ends. They are trash-talking their teammates to released their bad feelings because they don't want to lose in the game.

I don't recommend Mobile Legends for those under 18 years of age because they will get bad words in this game. They will learn to know all the bad words that the toxic players say.

I am a Mobile Legends player and I know the experience inside the game. I was addicted to that game in 2018 and I stopped it when the toxic players come.

By the way, this game is so cool and good without toxicity.MOBA game is a popular game in the world.

Thank you for reading my short explanations about Mobile Legends Bang Bang(MLBB).

Have a nice day😇😊

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