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Their Gush for bloodshed is on the move

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1 month ago

By bare hands a crime is done. Imprisoned in rustic bars to pay the price of the tragedy that cannot be undone. But its not as easy as washing your hands clean they'll erase the blood that coated their fingers. The pain they've gift wrapped as a present to people they've ruined lives. Will these criminals is worth another chance to go out of the light? Or should they stay behind dark cells to pay?

The GCTA Law or the Good Conduct Time Allowance has been passed on court since the 2013 Aquino Administration, a law that allows low-cased criminals have the chance to be free as earlier than their sentenced time to be imprisoned, if they behave and act accordingly to the law says in an allotted time. This bugs this writer, what if this is another way that those criminals might go out and proceed to their menace. I mean you cannot generalize all of them, some just wanted to be engaged in a warm embrace coming from their family, yet most of them already have tentacles of illegal actions inside the cells, what more if they could go out. The government has bestowed a loophole for some Dark Minds to abuse it, they could act as if they are angels inside the devil's dungeon.

For 1-2 years that they act nicely, months would be deducted from their sentences time. I honestly think that some deserves this shot, a shot for freedom but we couldn't people, they could be playing wolves in a sheep's clothing. They are people not flour that you can simply just get a strainer and sift and you'll already know the good or bad, pure and impure.

All in all people have diverse perceptions about how a criminal should pay and how could still they have a life outside bars. We have different points but we couldn't be a judge to point out who needs to be free and who needs to rot in jail.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a debt should always be paid fair, an equilibrium of damage should be replaced.

There is no condemnation to those who are in favor of justice thus there is no escape for the wicked. There are so many imposters lying around under the warm rays of the sun, they tinge the pure white conscience with a black ink of treacherouness so we couldn't just decide whom to save because some of them are wolves playing hide in seek in broad daylight wearing a sheep's clothing to fool our eyes.

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1 month ago
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You are mentioning the Aquino administration, so I suppose you talk about the Philippines. Yet the problem you discuss is universal, it exists everywhere. How should criminals be treated and to what extent should they be given another chance? Are there crimes so hideous that no second chance should be given? And if someone gets out just to repeat his crime, should he be given a third chance, a fourth,...? Where should it end?

You are putting your finger on an important and very complex question. Unfortunately, all answers must be subjective, very much a question of opinion. That goes as far as to define what is a "crime" or who is a "criminal".

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1 month ago
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